Why Is Cleaning Important- Rosacea Remedies

By | 20 March, 2013

rosacea treatmentHigh levels of bacteria in rosacea breakouts have been associated with impaired healing. Breakout infection occurs when invading organisms overwhelm the immunological response of the host. The type and number of organisms as well as defects in the immune system, may predispose the breakout to infection. This article relays pertinent information regarding rosacea remedies, how high levels of bacteria impede repair, and strategies to clean breakouts.





Impairment Of Wound Healing

Wound infection impairs healing because toxic bacterial products and excessive inflammatory host responses cause tissue injury. In addition, leukocytes summoned to the area consume large amounts of oxygen needed for the healing process. Impaired healing of rosacea has been found when bacterial quantities exceed 105 per gram of tissue using tissue biopsies. Using quantitative swab cultures, impaired healing occurred at quantities exceeding 106 organisms per millimeter.

Rosacea Remedies: Addressing Bacterial Invasion

Topical antibiotics are indicated for wounds with high bacterial levels despite adequate cleansing. Systemic antibiotics are appropriate only in the presence of bacteremia, sepsis, advancing cellulitis and osteomyelitis and not for locally contained wound infections. The use of antiseptics to control bacterial levels has been shown to be detrimental to the wound-healing process. These substances contain reactive chemicals that are toxic to a number of cells responsible for maintaining the healing trajectory.

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Rosacea Remedies: Wound Cleansing

Nonadherent foreign material and wound exudates can impede healing. Activities to cleanse the wound of these inflammation-producing materials will promote progression to the proliferative phase of the wound-healing process. Wound cleansing involves the selection of a cleansing solution and a method to deliver the solution to the wound bed. Research has demonstrated that many wound cleaners are cytotoxic to white blood cells and proliferative fibroblast cells.




Rosacea Remedies: Adopting A Proper Cleaning Method

The method used to deliver the solution to the wound bed must be capable of removing debris without harming underlying viable tissue. Although gentle swabbing of a superficial pressure ulcer with solution-soaked gauze can effect removal of foreign material and exudates without causing trauma to underlying tissues, deep wounds require wound irrigation to effectively cleanse the base of the breakout.  Irrigation pressures in excess of 15 pounds per square inch (psi) have been shown to damage viable wound tissue and drive back bacteria into tissues. Effective removal of debris without harm to underlying tissues can be accomplished with irrigation pressures between 4 and 15 psi. Irrigation pressures within this range can be achieved through the use of a 30 milliliter syringe and a 19-gauge needle.


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