What You Need To Know About Rosacea Creams That Really Work

By | 29 December, 2014

RosaceaRosacea is a chronic skin condition that manifests as redness in the face accompanied by spider veins and thread veins. Sometimes pustules and papules are present. This condition can be very upsetting and can cause those affected to avoid social contact.

Luckily, there are some good treatments for the symptoms; however, it can be difficult to sort the real remedies from the false ones. In this article, we will discuss several options in prescription and non-prescription rosacea creams that work. Read on to learn more.

Prescription Creams Can Help Heal Your Skin

creamIf you are experiencing severe flare-ups, the use of effective prescription medications can help get your condition under control.

While you may not want to use prescription medications on a regular, long term basis, wise use of prescription drugs can help you gain control of your health so that you can establish wise, ongoing health care habits.

Luckily, there have been some sound clinical comparisons of products that yield reliable results. Today, metronidazole and azelaic acid are the primary choices in rosacea treatment creams.

Sulfur based creams may also be effective. Sulfur is an old-fashioned treatment for general skin conditions, but it can be very effective. It acts as an exfoliator and helps combat bacteria, fungal infection and mite infestation, which can all exacerbate rosacea.

Metranidazole Has Been Used Successfully For 30 Years.

MetronidazoleMetranidazole has been on the market since 1983.This broad-spectrum antibiotic helps resolve bacterial infection and reduce inflammation. Used consistently, it helps prevent recurrence of infection.

It is an established rosacea treatment that is very good for reducing pustules and lesions and treating mild to moderately severe rosacea, it does not help reduce facial redness. In fact, it may irritate the skin of some patients who report that it causes itching, dryness, stinging and burning.

Azelaic Acid Is A Very Effective Newcomer.

azelaic acid creamAzelaic acid cream has been available since 2003. It has been found effective in preventing symptoms and reducing facial redness. It does not eradicate thread veins and spider veins that are established.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is found in grains such as barley, rye and wheat. This product does everything metronidazole does and it reduces facial redness.

How Do These Two Drugs Compare?

Azelaic acid seems to outperform metronidazole in reducing pustules and papules, and it does not have the tendency toward skin irritation that has been reported in metronidazole. Azelaic acid is a non-irritating substance that works because it reduces the amount of free radicals present in the skin. It also exfoliates the skin and combats blackheads and skin eruptions.

Which Is Best?

Both metronidazole and Azelaic acid have good points. Both are available by prescription. Choosing between the two is a task you will undertake with your dermatologist.

Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

dermatologistPrescription rosacea creams can be quite powerful, and they should only be used for a given period of time. You and your dermatologist may wish to explore natural alternatives in the long term. Remember that your skin is fragile, so you will want to find a cream that you can use safely on a regular, ongoing basis.

Natural Alternatives Can Help Keep Your Skin Healthy

After initial treatment with a prescription treatment, you may wish to try a rosacea cream made with green tea. This natural alternative is quite effective in reducing redness, and it contains natural anti-oxidants that help keep your skin youthful.

Creams made with green tea are very soothing. Results from this natural alternative are not as dramatic and rapid as those you will experience with pharmaceutical creams; however, green tea cream can be an excellent follow up to prescription treatment. Used regularly, it can help prevent a recurrence of your symptoms.

There Are Many Choices In Natural Skin Care.

Aloe Vera Other types of natural skin treatments that can be helpful and soothing after you have completed your prescription cream treatment include kelp, chamomile or cucumber extracts and aloe vera.

These all have excellent soothing and healing properties that can help you maintain better skin condition and reduce inflammation.

Avoid Irritating Your Skin.

alcoholRemember to treat your skin gently by avoiding creams and skin care products that contain harsh ingredients. Drying ingredients such as witch hazel and isopropyl alcohol can damage your skin. Fragrances and artificial colorings are unnecessary and may irritate your skin.

Work with your dermatologist to select the right rosacea cream to heal your skin. Once your course of prescription treatment is completed, be sure to follow through by using high quality, gentle, natural skin care products to maintain and nourish healthier skin.

Remember That Beauty Is Not Really Skin Deep.

In addition to caring for your skin from the outside, be sure to take good care of your general health with proper diet, rest and exercise and excellent personal hygiene. When you make smart personal health care choices, you will enjoy overall improvements in health, well-being and immune system function. When you take care of your body inside and out, all of your efforts will work together to give you healthier skin and help you fight the effects of rosacea.


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