What Is Rosacea Auf Deutsch

By | 24 November, 2014

RosaceaRosacea is one of the most common skin diseases among causasian men and women, and is affecting middle-aged women the most. Rosacea auf Deutsch is known is Rozacea.

But what exactly are the symptoms of this condition? Rosacea usually shows symptoms of redness in the central region of the face, such as the nose, cheeks, chin and fourhead.

This redness can also be accompanied by pimples in the same area. In some cases Rosacea causes an inflation of the glands, especially in the nose area, causing a distortion in shape. The real cause of this condition still remains unknown, however, there are genetic factors at play. Rosacea occurs frequently in some families and may be associated with some internal diseases, such as hypertension or infections of the digestive system. Exposure to the sun may actually make it worse.

Rosacea begins to emerge between the ages of 30 and 40 and increases with age. As mentioned previously, it often affects women. However, the most severe cases, which are accompanied by abnormalities in the nose, often afflict men. Rosacea knows several stages.

The condition is usually divided into three basic stages depending on the degree of the disease. Before the emergence of the disease redness in the center of the face and a bloody skin may appear temporarily, usually caused by exposure to heat or sunlight, and in some cases psychological tension or even warm drinks.

RosaceaThe first phase is characterized by always suffering from flush. The second phase is characterized by the appearance of pimples in the areas in the middle of the face, and also some swelling or edema, which increases the thickness of the skin.

These pimples are not to be confused with acne. A simple way to distinguish acne from Rosacea is by noting the lack of blackheads or white tops on the pimples.

The third phase – and also the last phase of this condition – can be recognized by large, inflamed blisters, enlarged glands and a distorted look of the face, especially around the nose area.

There are different kinds of Rosacea that are known today. The first kind is like lupus and most often affects the eyes and the area around the mouth. Steriod Rosacea results from the use of topical steroids. It is a skin atrophy associated with the presence of blisters, that sometimes seem to improve and disappear, only to return again.

Now the question arises, how you could you potentially get rid of Rosacea? The most important thing to do, is immediately visit your primary health care physician in case you suspect that you are suffering from this condition. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you topical medications, but may also give you some generic medications, such as cortisone that may be administered either orally or by injection.

spicy foodThere are also some things you can do yourself to avoid worsening the condition. You should always avoid using strong detergents, as this can cause the symptoms to worsen. You should also avoid alcohol as well as spicy foods.

Do not put any creams on your face, as this could potentially lead to a sensitive reaction. It is also recommended to avoid staying in the sun for prolonged periods of time. This may actually cause the condition to appear or worsen the symptoms if you are already suffering from Rosacea.

Also note that this condition seems to have a correlation with elevated stress levels and unhealthy food habits. It is always best to eat food that is as naturally and unprocessed as possible. Gluten may also be the cause, however this is still up for debate. Also try to incorporate regular moments of relaxation, to ensure a drop in your stress levels.


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