Top Rosacea Triggers: Surprising Things Patients Must Avoid

By | 19 August, 2014

RoseceaMillions of people suffer from varying types of skin problems. Aside from causing pain or itchiness, they might cause social problems for most people.

These skin problems are not always pleasant to look at, and worse yet, they may be hard to conceal, which is why it can affect people’s self-esteem. One of the most common skin conditions out there is rosacea.

A life-long skin problem that causes permanent redness in the face. Moreover, there are factors that cause a flare-up, making the symptoms more visible. For people with rosacea, it is important that they avoid factors that trigger a flare up. Knowing the top rosacea triggers will help people know what to avoid, which helps in keeping the symptoms less severe.

The Surprising Causes And Symptoms Of Rosacea

Experts are not quite sure what the main cause of rosacea is. However, the food people eat and the environment they live in can play a huge role on why it happens. In addition, the presence of other health conditions and the overuse of facial cosmetic products may lead to it, as well. Most of all, rosacea can run in your family.

RosaceaRosacea can affect both genders, but it is more common with women. It is also more common in people 30 years and above. It can affect all skin types, but those with fairer skin have a higher chance of having the condition.

The main symptom of rosacea is redness in the face. This happens because the blood vessels in the face start to enlarge.

It is normal for blood vessels to enlarge and narrow down from time to time. In the case of rosacea, the blood vessels stay enlarged. This results to redness and some swelling in the face, which people often mistake for sunburns, blushing and most of all, acne.

Stop The Blush: Knowing The Top Rosacea Triggers

The visible blood vessels in the face will remain forever. However, the symptoms can come and go, and will often come back when you trigger them. Most of all, the symptoms are more severe when a person exposes themselves to one of the factors. This is what people refer to these as flare-ups.

To avoid flare-ups and keep the symptoms to a minimum, you need to know about the triggers of rosacea. On the other hand, not every person has the same triggers. There are cases where some factors may cause a flare-up for one person, but it will not cause any to others. Either way, most triggers are those that simply enlarge the blood vessels, especially in the face. More blood will enter these blood vessels, which results to severe redness and swelling.

spicy foodsThe diet is one of the most common triggers of rosacea. This includes dairy products, soy sauce, vanilla, sweets, vinegar, eggplant, beans, spicy and hot foods, tomatoes, bananas and citrus fruits.

For dairy products however, people with rosacea can still eat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese does not cause flare-ups unlike other types of cheese.

Moreover, people with rosacea should avoid foods with histamines. These include alcoholic beverages and anything that is fermented, such as pickled or smoked meats and sauerkraut, for example. Other histamine-rich foods include anchovies, mushrooms and avocado. Drinking of hot drinks such as hot chocolate or coffee will result to a flare-up as well.

People who use drugs to enlarge the blood vessels are likely to have flare-ups. This includes drugs for hypertension, or any other heart conditions. The use of cosmetic products that are too strong or have alcohol or acetone in 5h3m may worsen the condition as well.

stressOf all the other factors, the environment plays the biggest role in causing flare-ups. These factors cause the most flare-ups compared to others. The number one factor is direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, will cause a flare-up, as well. Even something as simple as a gush of cold, harsh wind can irritate your blood vessels.

On the other hand, too much stress and anxiety will lead to flare-ups. This is common, because people with rosacea are often concerned with their appearance.

Some people will counter stress by exercising or doing workouts. The problem is that exercising and doing heavy tasks will result to flare-ups, because they increase blood flow to the vessels of the face.

Treatments For Rosacea

Despite the redness and enlarged blood vessels being permanent, the flare-ups of rosacea are easy to manage. Ask your doctor what kind of drugs you can use to control the swelling and redness. You may also use sunscreen and products that moisturize the skin. Avoid the triggers of rosacea and protect your face, especially in hot or cold environments. If you want to do exercises, you can do so, but only light ones.

Knowing your top rosacea triggers will help you avoid flare ups. Imagine how nice it will be when people finally stop asking you why your face is so red all the time. Get your confidence back today. Your doctor can help diagnose the exact type you have and help you treat it, too.


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