Toddlers And Rosacea

By | 13 July, 2015

parentsMany parents fret over their child and his/her health and rightly so. The child can be far more vulnerable than adults as their bodies are still developing along with their skin as well.

In this case, it is pertinent to remain up to speed with how their skin is reacting in certain situation and whether they might be dealing with a medical situation.

This is where rosacea comes into the picture. Is it possible for children to get rosacea or is that something reserved for adults only? The answer to this question and much more will be provided here.


It is pertinent to note how rare it is for children to get rosacea. However, despite it being rare, it is important to remember children can get rosacea and it is something parents have to be on the look out for. You cannot assume the child is too young to get this kind of issue because it is certainly possible and you should be keeping an eye out at all times. If you don’t, it could make the issue worse until you know there is something wrong and you have to get it checked out as soon as you can.

Red Cheeks

red chicks babyUnsure whether or not the child has rosacea in the first place? This is the biggest issue as many parents don’t know what to pay attention for in order to diagnose whether the child has it.

To make sure you are getting it right, you will begin to notice reddish cheeks and how the color does not seem to go away. Many children are going to have rosy cheeks and this can be due to the sun or being cold. This happens, but when it starts to become permanent, you will know there is a problem at hand.

Ask Medical Professional

The smartest decision is always going to be to seek the opinion of a medical professional and what he/she has to say about the child’s skin. They are going to know what is required to check the situation and skin right away and this will ensure you are getting an accurate read of what is going on. If they are able to figure out that it is indeed rosacea, they will also be able to provide the right path for you to take when it comes to treating the skin condition rather than letting it simmer for a long time to come.


childrenWhat is the reason for children getting it? It has to do with genetics in most cases. If the child has another member of the family who has been dealing with the same situation, they are going to see an increase in chances for themselves as well.

It is one of those genetic related conditions that are impossible to avoid, if they are in your DNA. This is why you should be cautious, if you are aware of someone else in the family having rosacea. This can be a clear sign, the child indeed is dealing with this skin condition.

Remains With Them

There are some parents who assume they can wait things out and the redness will fade away as time goes on. Is this the case or is that a myth? This is a myth as the redness is going to stay with them as they get older. You cannot assume it is not going to remain the same. It is just going to get worse, if you are letting it stay as it is. This is why treatments are needed as soon as possible for children who have it.

How To Help Reduce Redness

What is the best natural solution for you to tackle this concern? For children, you have a lot of control over what they are doing and what they are putting into the bodies. This means, you are going to be responsible for what is happening with their skin as well.

spicy foodsIt is recommended to help the child out by keeping them out of the sun as much as possible, reducing spicy foods in their lives, and not putting them under emotional stress. Any of these factors can lead to a lot of frustration and cause them to have a rise in rosacea.

These are some of the most critical factors to remember when it comes to toddlers and rosacea. Indeed, they can have to deal with rosacea and it could end up being a lifelong issue if parents are not careful and are not helping them.

Use the information provided here to help the child get going towards a brighter future. it does not have to become a permanent reality as long as you are willing to be patient and consult a medical professional with regards to what they have to think about the case.


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