There is Help for Rosacea

By | 23 December, 2014

RosaceaRosacea is a potentially life disruptive disorder that is chronic. It is normally found in the facial skin area and can be easily identified by its constant flare-ups and remissions.

This unsightly condition has a tendency to begin after a person reaches the age of 30 years old. You can identify it by the redness on a person’s nose, cheeks, chin, or for head. As mentioned earlier it has a tendency to come and go.

There are cases where this condition can also appear on a person’s chest, neck, scalp, and ears. As the condition persists it will over time it will become more persistent and there will be many more visible blood vessels that will appear. If this condition is left untreated the person will develop a variety of temples and bumps on the skin.

In more severe cases of this terrible disease a person may actually have a nose that will grow to be bumpy and swollen from the excessive tissue. You may remember a comedian from years ago called W.C. Fields. This comedian had the trademark bulbous nose and was often perceived to be drunk because of this trademark. However, he was inflicted with this condition of Rosacea.

Many people who suffer from this condition are also considered to be alcoholics because of the appearance of bloodshot and watery eyes. Therefore, you should never, as they say, judge a book by its cover and assume that someone is an alcoholic simply because they have this disease.

RosaceaYou’ll find that many people have this condition but you will also notice that those who have fair skin are more susceptible to Rosacea. People who blush or flush easily seem to be at the greatest risk for this disease.

The severe condition of this disease is more apparent with women than it is with men. The reason for this may be simply because men do not seek the medical advice of doctors before the condition reaches stages that are advanced.

At the point of writing this article there has been no cure for Rosacea. There are certain medical treatments that will help to control its symptoms and signs but there still needs to be a lot of research before the disease is completely cured.

If you are a person who suffers from this disease you should contact a dermatologist or a knowledgeable physician as soon as possible so that you can begin appropriate treatment. There is no specific symptom or sign for this disease as it will vary from person to person. However there are specific symptoms and secondary signs that you can notice on a person who suffers from this disease. The following is a list of specific symptoms for people who suffer from Rosacea.

rosacea The first noticeable condition is flushing. People who have Rosacea will also have a history of frequent flushing or blushing. Facial redness will come and go in its earliest stage of this disorder.

The second noticeable condition of Rosacea is persistent redness. The redness that may resemble a sunburn or a blush and will not go away is often an indication of this disease.

Another noticeable sign that you may have Rosacea is that you will have pus filled pimples or small red solid bumps developing on your skin. Many people make confuse these pimples and bumps for acne but the difference is that there will be no blackheads and there may be a burning or stinging sensation. You may also develop visible blood vessels which will become apparent on the skin.

There are other symptoms that can develop with Rosacea. One of a more irritating ones is eye irritation. A person’s eyes will become bloodshot or watery and will be irritated. This is a condition known as ocular Rosacea. There may be also a reddening and swelling of the eyelids which is very common. This is a serious condition because it can damage your corneal and cause vision loss. Therefore, medical attention is crucial if you have this symptom.

dermatologist You may also discover that you have a stinging or burning sensation on your face. There will be a feeling of tightness and itchiness. Your facial skin may become rough and drive and also read raised patches known as plaques may develop.

Your skin can become sick and enlarge over time. This will most commonly occur on the nose. This condition is more common with men than it is with women. There are various topical and oral medications that can be used to help treat the various pimples and bumps that are common with this disorder.

There is also a topical therapy that has now become popular to help reduce the redness of the facial area. The bottom line is that you will need to visit a dermatologist to get this potentially serious condition under control.


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