The Top Rosacea Skin Care Products And Procedures

By | 14 September, 2013

While rosacea can make you feel like hiding your head in the sand, it’s really best to deal with the situation head-on. Rather than staying home and wishing it would go away on its own, be proactive about it. While rosacea isn’t currently curable, there are many treatments available that can minimize symptoms and allow you to put your best face forward.rosacea skin treatment

The top rosacea skin care products should diminish inflammation and redness, allowing you to enjoy life without feeling like staying in the shadows and avoiding the limelight.

Try Cetaphil For Basic And Gentle Cleansing

Cetaphil offers a number of products that help to clean skin without the harsh ingredients that can aggravate rosacea. They have a simple bar soap which you can try first, and use it as you would any other similar product. If you prefer, they also have an antibacterial bar also, which may be particularly helpful if you have any issues with acne too.

Follow up this cleansing routine with Cetaphil moisturizer, which is also free of the typical chemicals that can worsen your rosacea.

Rosacure Is One Of The Top Rosacea Skin Care Products In The WorldRosacea Treatments

Having its origins in Italy, where beauty tends to come naturally, Rosacure was introduced as a specific treatment for rosacea and should be at the top of your list should other basic cleansers not do the trick for you. It is hypoallergenic and does not contain any irritating fragrances, and is available in a soft facial cream.

Many people swear by its ability to reduce and even eliminate the redness associated with rosacea, however; you must follow the instructions specifically and for a certain amount of time in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

Ask Your Doctor About Oral Treatments For Rosacea

In the event that your rosacea is particularly noticeable and inflamed, your physician may be the best source of treatment for you. There are a few antibiotics which can help to bring down the inflammation and reduce the noticeable redness. For example, tetracycline and erythromycin are two commonly prescribed medicines.

In the most severe of rosacea cases, a doctor may prescribe Isotretinoin. While these prescriptions can be very effective, it is extremely important to follow the enclosed instructions exactly, and to observe for possible reactions from them. Typical symptoms of side-effects may include, but are not limited to: An uncomfortable stomach, frequent nausea, soreness in the tongue and gums, and diarrhea.

Visit A Dermatologist If Efforts With Your Physician Are Unsuccessful

Dermatologists deal with rosacea frequently, so they may be your next best source of helpful information. There are other options, including laser surgery, which he or she may recommend.

Be prepared prior to your appointment with a list of the top rosacea skin care products and procedures you have already tried; this information will be helpful to the dermatologist recommending a successful course of action.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure To Control Your Rosacea

Many people who suffer with rosacea swear by Zinco cream as the most effective sunscreen. While it contains zinc oxide, which prevents the harmful rays from damaging your delicate facial skin, it contains no other ingredients which can aggravate your complexion.

Whichever sunscreen you prefer, be sure to apply it generously every single time you go out doors; sun damage can exacerbate your rosacea considerably, both in the symptoms you feel and the dramatic change in the appearance of your skin.

Choose Your Make-Up Foundation Wisely

Most skin care experts recommend that every product that touches your face be as pure and as natural as possible, and this is true for your foundation. Use one that is organic if possible, always hypoallergenic and look closely for the word “noncomedogenic” which simply means that it will not clog your pores. Opt for a foundation that is tinted toward green or yellow, as this will offset the redness in the most flattering way.

Try Your Hand With Mineral Powder

Mineral powder is often organically based and minimalistic in terms of ingredients. Therefore, those people dealing with rosacea usually find it less aggravating to skin and more rosacea-friendly in general. Mineral powder comes in a variety of shades for you to work with, and the beauty of it is that you can lightly dust it anywhere, which gives you the artistic power to disguise your rosacea or diminish its appearance.

Avoid Temperature Extremes, Exfoliating And Alcohol!

As if dealing with rosacea itself weren’t enough, you’ve got other restrictions to consider as well. Since your skin reacts when you overheat, it’s best to avoid getting too warm and working up a sweat. Exfoliating can also damage your skin when rosacea is present, so avoid this method of cleansing always.

Medical experts recommend avoiding alcohol too, as this is known to increase the redness your skin will exhibit. Keep a journal handy, and jot down the things that make your rosacea worse, along with the things that work to improve it; refer to this journal as needed to maximize the power you have over your skin’s condition.

Once you’ve got your rosacea under control, you can breath easier at social functions and feel much more comfortable wherever you go. If one particular product doesn’t work for you, keep trying!

Be sure and always read the list of ingredients to avoid inadvertently using something harsh or that may cause a bad reaction, and always start with a clean fresh face. Every step you take toward treating your rosacea will take you one step closer to enjoying life without a care in the world.


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