The Three Most Effective Topical Rosacea Treatments

By | 18 August, 2012

Green Tea

There are various skin concerns that have arisen around the world. Due to the various irritants in the air it is very common to find people being concerned about their skin. After all, the skin is a very delicate area of the body and even more so when this very skin that we are talking about is on the face.

The skin of the face is the thinnest and the most delicate in the body. Due to this fact we find various ways to do the best that we can to protect this skin. However, we cannot block our skin from such conditions and irritants at all times which is why it becomes more and more problematic when the skin gets exposed. Among the most problematic conditions of the skin is the condition we call Rosacea.

Rosacea is characterized by the redness and the inflammation of the skin. It is a very irritable condition since it is very apparent due to the difference in the hue of the face that continues to intensify as time goes by. It is also very apparent due to the burning sensation and occasional itching that the person affected experiences from time to time.

There are various treatments that can be used to address this very particular condition. Among these are the many topical Rosacea treatments available in the market today. However some of these topical Rosacea treatments do not actually give you the results you want and may even aggravate the situation by further irritating the area that is affected. This is why it is still a lot better if you can go and find natural ways to treat it.

The three best topical treatments that are also natural that you can get your hands on are licorice, lavender and green tea. These are all natural oil and extracts that you can use and apply topically on the skin since they are safe and do the job well in helping you with Rosacea.

Lavender is a natural anti inflammation solution that has been around since the beginning of time. It is very popular due to its soothing characteristics. The same goes for the herb licorice which contains ingredients that help the swelling be at bay and also gives solution to the discoloration of the skin. And finally, the super plant green tea which also helps suppresses the inflammation and prevents the spreading.


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