The Right Makeup For Rosacea

By | 23 February, 2015

When it comes to finding the right make-up for rosacea sufferers, women find it very difficult, as there are very few products available for sensitive skin. Commonly available products contain ingredients that are allergic to sensitive skin.

rosaceaHowever, over the years, many make-up products have become available in the market that not only help in making women feel and look great but also help in soothing the skin.

You just need to be careful while buying and applying makeup. Here are a few tips for makeup for rosacea sufferers.

Start with a Clean Face

It is important to thoroughly clean and moisturize your face with appropriate skin care products before you start applying make-up. It is also important to treat your skin gently and not pull it with fingers. Also, it is recommended to not use any product that may result in irritation. Also, it is advised to use tools for applying makeup that cause minimal irritation such as antibacterial brush. Sometimes, even the bacteria and oil on your fingers may irritate your skin.

Simple Works

RosaceaMost of the make-up products contain a ton of ingredients. However, you need to realize that the more ingredients you apply to the skin, the higher the chances that one of the ingredients in the product may result in rosacea flare up.

This is why, make-up experts recommend using multifunction products such as a base containing sunscreen. It is important to test every new product on a peripheral area such as your neck or your arm before using it on the face.

This will ensure that your skin does not have any allergy to the ingredients in the new product. Needless to say, you need to avoid anything that stings, burns or irritates your skin.

Green Tinted Base

Make-up experts recommend using Green tinted primer as a make-up base. It helps in hiding the redness and also evens out the skin tone. You should use a product that comes with UV protection and it will help in protecting your skin from UV exposure that can cause rosacea symptoms. A base also helps in making your make-up last much longer.

Oil Free Concealer and Foundation

rosaceaThere is a number of oil free foundations available in the market. It is also recommended to choose the shade carefully for both concealer and foundation.

Make-up experts are of the opinion that you should choose a foundation that matches the natural skin tone whereas the concealer should be a shade lighter than the natural skin tone.

Foundation Application

It is important to use light touch when applying foundation on a face with rosacea. Make-up experts recommend using an antibacterial foundation brush for applying a foundation in place of sponge, as sponge may cause irritation. For application of foundation, you should start with a small amount of liquid foundation on the back of your hand. Use the antibacterial brush and apply it smoothly over the face.

eyesYou should start in the centre and then move outwards. If you have a powder or cream foundation, you should sweep with brush across the surface and then apply it to your face.

It is recommended to use broad strokes for chin and cheeks. Brush edges should be used for covering eyes, hairline, mouth and nose. Also, ensure that brush is kept clean between uses.

Concealer Application

For applying concealer, you should use antibacterial brush. Take the concealer and lightly dot it under your eyes. You should start at the inner corner and then work outwards. Needless to say, you need to blend it well for the seamless look. It is easy to hide various bumps and visible blood vessels by applying concealer directly on each area and then using foundation for even skin tone.

Use Mineral Powder

mineral powderMineral make-up is considered one of the best choices for rosacea sufferers as it does not contain any ingredient that may cause irritation.

Also, there are many specially formulated powders available in the market that are aimed at color correcting redness. You can use the mineral powder over the foundation or over the base to tone down the redness.

Use Mineral Powder Blush

If you want, you can use one of the many available mineral powder blushes. However, it is recommended to go easy as skin already has a lot of color. There are many blushes that are specially formulated for sensitive skin and it is recommended to apply it sparingly with the help of an antibacterial brush.

Eye Make up

eye make upThere are special products that have been designed for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist tested, available in the market.

If you want to use eyeliner and mascara, you need to ensure that it is easy to apply and remove it without any tagging or pulling on the eyes.  

There are mascara formulas available in the market that can be easily removed by just rinsing with warm water.

There are also mineral powder eye-shadows available that are perfect for sensitive eyes. Overall, there are a lot of products available for sensitive skin. It is important to choose the right make-up products to ensure that your skin redness is thoroughly covered and there are no adverse reactions.


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