The Best Skin Treatments for Rosacea Using Modern Methods

By | 20 December, 2012

remedy for rosacea

There are many patients of rosacea who are struggling with this skin condition for many years and were not cured using topical and oral drugs. Today, there are best skin treatments for rosacea using modern methods that offer active and sophisticated therapies in reducing rosacea.

Laser therapy is popularly known for minimizing the dilated blood vessels in the skin. The laser light can minimize the red bumps and thickened skin. Pulse Dye laser emits a single wavelength light in a precise direction to heal the blemishes caused by rosacea. However, it would need several laser sessions to cover the entire damaged area and destroy the dilated blood vessels completely. A laser therapy session would last between 15 and 30 minutes. You will need an interval of 4 to 5 weeks between sessions.

However, laser therapies cannot reduce the excessive formed tissues. Many patients prefer laser treatment because it does not leave scars. However, laser sessions will have stringing sensation and have a passing adverse effect of hyperpigmentation on the skin for few days. During a laser session, the skin will be provided with anaesthesia.

Best Skin Treatments for Rosacea Today

To improve the appearance of the skin with rosacea, dermabrasion is performed to the affected area. This process involves removing superficial cells of the skin with the use of chemical substance. However, this treatment is limited because of the redness of the skin that is associated with the condition. Dermabrasion allows the growth of new skin cells that are smoother than the old skin.

For patients with severe cases of skin thickening, plastic surgery under local aesthesia is recommended. This procedure involves restructuring the nose by rhinoplastic to minimize the red bumps. Plastic surgeries are available to cut excessive tissues on the affected area. However, there is a high risk of negative effects such as headaches, pain, inflammation and scars.

remedy for rosacea Vascular lasers are used to reduce the visibility of blood vessels on the skin. This procedure uses argon, CO2 or YAT lasers to penetrate deep in the skin and vaporises the excess tissues. Vascular lasers are less painful than plastic surgery. Its adverse effects after the procedure include inflammation and stinging sensation.

One of the best skin treatments for rosacea is electric knife technique. This is used to prompts skin removal and restructure by introducing electric impulses through a wire. The electric knives will prevent bleeding by closing the tiny blood vessels near the skin. Hence, it creates a minimal damage to the surrounding areas. The recovery period of electric knife technique is shorter than plastic surgery.


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