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RosaceaHave you ever experienced some redness accompanied with inflammation mostly around the mouth, cheeks, fore head and nose? These are the symptoms of Rosacea. These symptoms can go to different levels of pain and even severe problems.

These symptoms don’t mean that you immediately start using drugs for Rosacea but instead, one should seek medical assistance in case you start experiencing such symptoms.

Rosacea treatment can be done by using over the counter drugs. Different prescriptions work best for different people hence the main reason why one needs to consult a physician.

Some Of  The Prescriptions That One May Opt For Treating Rosacea Are Discussed Below:

A-The Use Of  Sunscreen.

symptoms of RosaceaSunscreen is very important for the people who want to treat Rosacea. This is due to the fact that sunscreen is very crucial in the prevention of exacerbation of the symptoms of Rosacea. One also has to be careful and ensure the sunscreen in offer can provide a minimum SPF of 15 and also it has to give protection against light.

The sunscreen lotion is available in a lot of shops and at affordable prices. One should also consider checking the manufactures website so as not to purchase fake products or even expired products which may cause more harm than good.

B- B.Kamins Booster Blue Rosacea Line

This is a known company for the production of luxurious skincare lotions and products. This company has a product by the name B.Kamins which is used in the treatment of Rosacea. It helps in calming, soothing, protecting and reducing inflammations of the skin. Other products from this company include toner, cleanser, topical treatment and moisturizer.

C-The use of aspirin.

use of aspirinOne of the major achievements in the medicine world is the discovery of aspirin. We have all at one time or another visited the hospital and asked to take some prescriptions of aspirin. Aspirins have been used to cure lots of infections and one of them is in the treatment of Rosacea.

A low dosage of aspirin can help a lot with swellings and flushing one gets when infected with Rosacea. One must also consult the doctor since it has some side effects such as stomach irritations and other adverse effects especially when used with other drugs or medications. This means that one has to ensure that the aspirins are safe for their bodies before one starts using them.


prosaceaThe Prosacea Gel tends to help in relieving a lot of the symptoms of Rosacea. It is non-oily providing rich moisture that helps in soothing and also conditions the dry, red irritated skin. Also when used often, the gel helps the skin to return normal within a very short period of time hence very effective and efficient.

It should also be noted that Prosacea contains 0% of alcohol and also 0% of petroleum products. This is due to the fact that a lot of petroleum products irritate the skin when one is infected by Rosacea. The Prosacea gel is also prescribed due to the fact that it is very light and easily absorbed into the skin.

E-The Rosacea-LTD.

This is one of the topical treatment drugs that are made from different salts that are compressed. It helps reduce pustules and pa-pules. It should also be noted that this medication is only found over the internet hence very easy to be accessed. One of the disadvantages of Rosacea LTD is that it is very expensive unlike the other medications of Rosacea.


Nasalcrom for RosaceaThis drug helps in treating allergic rhinitis and also relieving many other allergic symptoms. It is not confirmed that Nasalcrom fully treats Rosacea but it helps in fighting some of the symptoms which are caused by Rosacea hence giving it a trial wouldn’t be a total loss or waste of time.

G-Afrin also helps a lot in reducing redness which is a major symptom of Rosacea. One should also take care not to apply Afrin directly to the human skin infected with Rosacea since it contains ingredients that are irritating to someone infected by Rosacea.

H-Jojoba Oil.

It is confirmed that small amounts Jojoba Oil normally provide awesome moisture to the human skin. It is very affordable and cheap. It should also be noted that Jojoba Oil help in fighting inflammation hence can be considered as a mode of treatment to Rosacea.

I-Use of  Antibiotic pills.

antibiotic pillsWhen the Rosacea has progressed greatly, some of the ornaments may not work and in such cases, most of the doctors advice their patients to take antibiotic pills.

But this doesn’t mean that they should stop applying the skin creams. In cases of ocular Rosacea, the use of antibiotic pills is greatly advised.

J-Topical metronidazole.

This is one of the antibiotics creams that are mostly used in the treatment of Rosacea.

K-Clindam cin

This is another antibiotic that is used to treat the redness of Rosacea.

Clindam cinL-Isotretinion.

This type of medicine is only used if all the other types of medications fail to work. This is due to its serious side effects to the human body.


One should take keen and try identifying the triggers that cause Rosacea. By doing this, one will be able to avoid the disease and also keep track. One should also take keen when buying over the counter drugs to avoid purchasing fake drugs which may cause more harm than good to your body. Also one should only seek help and assistance from qualified doctors to prevent wrong prescriptions.


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