The Best Oils To Naturally Treat Rosacea

By | 1 June, 2015

RosaceaRosacea is a skin condition that is not entirely understood by the medical community. This condition is characterized by a red coloration of the skin, usually on the cheeks.

Some patients experience a tingling or a burning sensation during rosacea flare ups. In some cases, the redness is accompanied by small bumps.

Rosacea is caused by blood vessels that swell up. These blood vessels are just under the skin and cause the skin to turn red when more blood flows through them.

Triggers include changes in temperature, foods, alcohol, stress or activity. There is no known cure for rosacea but it is possible to keep the symptoms under control thanks to topical creams or natural remedies.

Topical cream can prevent flare ups or make them less noticeable. However, patients who suffer from rosacea usually have very sensitive skin.  These creams contain chemicals that can irritate the skin, make it dry and even cause redness to appear. Soothing the skin with natural oils is a better option.

skin creamNatural oils do not irritate the skin and promote a healthy skin tone. Natural remedies are also a much more affordable alternative to skin care creams. Here are the most efficient essential oils you can use to keep the symptoms of rosacea under control.

It is possible that rosacea flare ups are triggered by microbes. These microbes live on the skin and trigger an auto-immune response that leads to a rosacea flare up when they multiply too quickly.

Some individuals are more sensitive than others to the presence of these microbes on the skin, which is why not everyone experiences rosacea. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy with amazing anti-bacterial properties. Applying tea tree oil to the skin will disinfect it and prevent these microbes from multiplying.

Weak blood vessels are another element that contributes to rosacea flare ups. Stronger blood vessels are less likely to swell up and will not cause the skin to turn red. Geranium oil can be used to strengthen blood vessels in the affected area. Geranium oil also has a very soothing effect and will help keep the skin clean from microbes.

rosehip oilRosehip oil is another efficient natural remedy for individuals who suffer from rosacea. This natural oil has different properties that promote healthier skin. Rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make this oil an excellent remedy to use during a flare up.

Rosehip oil can be used to make the swelling in your blood vessels go down and prevent another rosacea flare up in the near future. Rosehip oil will also help your skin generate new skin cells. Using rosehip oil on a regular basis will make your skin less likely to redden and will also give you a healthy glow.

Borage oil is another remedy with anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is extracted from borage seeds and is very rich in omega 6 fatty acids. These acids help regulate autoimmune reactions and can make the redness and the swelling go down by suppressing the inflammatory response of your autoimmune system. Borage oil can be applied to the skin in prevention or during a rosacea flare up to make it less noticeable.

Jojoba oil is a must-have natural remedy for anyone who suffers from rosacea. A lot of individuals with this condition also have dry skin. Jojoba oil hydrates the skin, replaces the sebum that skin cells cannot create and soothes irritate skin. Using jojoba oil on a regular basis will give your skin a healthy glow and replace the protective barrier skin cells naturally create against microbes by generating sebum.

jojoba oilJojoba oil also have strong anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent a flare up or help you make the swelling go down when you are experiencing a flare up.

These five natural remedies can be used to manage and even prevent the symptoms of rosacea. You might have to try different natural oils before finding one that works well for you.

The best way to use these remedies is to purchase natural oil extract and to apply a few drops to your skin. Take the time to massage the oil into the skin with small circular motions.

Wash your hands before doing this to avoid spreading bacteria on your skin. Make sure you massage natural oil into your skin for a few minutes so that the natural remedy can reach the deeper layers of the skin and the blood vessels.

The key to getting good results with natural remedies is to be consistent. You cannot apply one of these natural oils to your skin once and expect to never have to deal with your rosacea again. It will probably take a while before the natural remedy you decided to use starts having an effect on your skin. You should meet with a dermatologist to learn more about these essential oils and your different treatment options.


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