The Best Foods To Eat When You Have Rosacea

By | 1 March, 2014

rosacea skinRosacea is a skin disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. It presents itself as redness in the facial area, particularly around the forehead, cheeks, chin and areas below the nose. The skin condition can sometimes look like acne with the redness is accompanied by tiny little bumps.

A lot of people get this mixed up with acne and often make the mistake of treating rosacea like acne. The fact is, rosacea is not caused by the same things as acne, and treatment for rosacea is very different from treatment for acne.

Rosacea affects a lot of people with fair skin. So, many people of European descent have rosacea. people of other ethnic groups have rosacea too, but not as prevalent.

Also millions of people have this skin condition, unfortunately, there is no known cure. Treatment is limited to relief of symptoms, like bringing down the swelling and calming the redness and inflammation. Severe cases of rosacea can be painful. Some symptom even spread to the eyes, making the eyes excessively itchy, dry and irritated. Eyes that are affected by rosacea often look like they are bloodshot.

Rosacea is an skin disorder that should not be taken lightly. A dermatologist or a medical doctor should be consulted when rosacea flairs up. The doctor can determine best course of treatment for the flare up.

Because rosacea has no cure, one of the best ways to keep it under control is by learning what the triggers are and avoid them as much as possible. The main thing to remember is that you do not want to aggravate the skin to make it more red.

Certain foods tend to make the blood vessels dilate lot. Foods that are spicy can be a trigger. Hot foods and beverages can also make the skin warm. Alcohol should be avoided. Foods that are high in acidic content should also be minimized.

vegetable (3)Because you want to keep the body’s inflammatory state as low as possible, the diet should include foods that are anti-inflammatory.

Many people have turned to an alkaline diet to fight against Rosacea. This is basically a diet rich in fresh fruits that are low in sugar, vegetables, juices, salads and soups.

Include healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish such as salmon and sardines. Do not forget the most important ingredient of all water.

Your body should be fully hydrated at all times to keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy. Dry skin is more prone to rosacea flare ups, and flare ups also tend to be more intense.

Junk food and processed foods should be avoided and replaces with wholesome, real foods. Fried foods should be avoided. Vegetables should be eaten raw or steamed. Any bread or pasta should be made from whole grains instead of processed grains to get the full nutrient content of the grain.

Saturated fats should be kept to a minimum in cooking. Use butter sparingly, and avoid all hydrogenated fats. Cook with extra-virgin olive oil.

Some people have reported positive results when they add certain supplements to their diet. Ginger or tumeric have anti-inflammatory properties, and many people report having good results when they add an extra bit of ginger or tumeric to their foods.

So, the type of foods consumed can affect the frequency and intensity of rosacea. It is important for each individual to keep his or her own list of foods that are either triggers or are beneficial. Everyone’s reaction to different foods will be different. For instance, dairy products can be a trigger for some people, but safe for others.

applying cream for faceOnce the food and diet are figured out, other things can be done to keep the rosacea flare ups under control.

The skin is very sensitive, so it is important the it be treated gently during cleansing. Never use any scrubs on your face because that can aggravate the problem. Cleansers should be formulated for sensitive skin.

A toner can be used, but it should not have an alcohol base. Avoid exfoliation. Although that is beneficial to normal skin in removing dead skin, exfoliation is too harsh for skin with rosacea.

Using a sunscreen is very important before going outdoors. UV rays from the sun can aggravate rosacea. Protect your skin with a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, preferably one that contains zinc oxide.

Some people report success in treating rosacea with tea tree oil. This oil has antiseptic properties. It is a potent substance, so care must be taken when using this on rosacea skin for the first time. Misusing it can make the condition worse.

Before trying any type of remedy for rosacea, you should consult your doctor about it. Certain things can cause an allergic reaction especially in skin that is already hypersensitive. Natural remedies can be very potent; more is not necessarily better.

Rosacea can be manageable if attention is paid to diet and clean living habits. Avoid doing anything to the extreme in order to keep your body cool and calm. Vigorous activity can dilate your blood vessels and give rosacea an opportunity to flare up.

Reduce the stress in your life, and slow down. When your body calms down, your skin will calm down, and rosacea will not flare up as frequently. This takes discipline in adjusting one’s lifestyle, but the positive results are worth it.


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