Symptoms of Rosacea in Adults: Determining if You Have Rosacea

By | 31 August, 2012

Rosacea skin condition is a serious problem to people who are affected by it. Dealing with it is tough as there is curable solution to heal it completely. Most of the people who get this skin problem are those that are white-skinned, Caucasians, and adults. Knowing the symptoms of Rosacea in adults is vital, especially if you want to determine if you have it or not.

Arm Rosacea

Of course, consulting a dermatologist or a skin doctor is the best way to find out, however, knowing the symptoms of Rosacea in adults is also important. In that way, you will be able to take actions immediately to prevent it to get to worse.

One of the most visible Rosacea symptoms in adults are experiencing flushing and redness on the face. The redness on the face may look like having acne, but it is different from it. Touching them may spread out to other parts of the face, neck, and chest area. Flushing is a discomforting as it feels like a burning sensation.

Experiencing eye irritation is one of results of the Rosacea skin condition. Severe irritation on the eyes can be bothering, and oftentimes it leads to eye infection or eyelid problem. When you experience eye irritation because of rosacea, you often feel like there is something bothering you in your eyes, you feel sensitive and uncomfortable to lights, especially photo flashes. You also feel that your eyes are always dry. Not all people who have Rosacea suffer from eye irritation this bad, only those with ocular Rosacea.

Visible facial blood vessels are another kind of symptoms of Rosacea in adults. For those who are conscious on the way they look, especially on the face, this can be very disturbing. It can affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of the Rosacea victim.

Knowing these symptoms before Rosacea can get worse is helpful. If you know these ahead of time, then you can immediately seek help from a skin doctor.


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