Skin Smarts: Can Fish Oil Cause Rosacea?

By | 26 August, 2014

RosaceaThere are approximately 16 million people all over the world who are affected with rosacea.  Rosacea is a skin condition that is considered to be non-curable.

Although it is commonly compared to acne breakouts, this condition will not be gone once you reach adulthood. The typical signs of this condition are flushing or redness on the face. The redness can spread all over the face, as well.

Rosacea And Its Key Factors

There are some key factors that trigger rosacea and make it worse. To start with, stress, exercise, fear or embarrassment, eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol are some of the known triggers. Some people can even experience rosacea with slight weather changes. Even if this chronic skin condition is not curable, there are many ways you can manage it successfully. And visiting your dermatologist will also help you significantly.

The Big Question: Can Fish Oil Cause Rosacea?

fish oilStill, a number of people are wondering about that main cause as to what triggers rosacea. To be specific, many are asking, “Can fish oil cause rosacea?”

Although, there’s no definitive proof that fish oil and rosacea are connected, experts believe that fish oil reduces inflammation for one person, and it can also cause breakouts for another person.

In other words, it’s a case to case basis. Given below are some of the benefits you can get from fish oil:

  • Reduces Signs of Aging
  • Reduces Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  • Boosts Brain Power
  • Burns Fat
  • Preserve Lean Muscles
  • Enhances Bone Health

Nonetheless, a person needs to know about lifestyle and diet changes if they want to manage rosacea for the rest of their life.

Diet And Lifestyle Modifications Work

stressStress can trigger rosacea flare ups, as well as vitamin deficiencies. As your skin experiences inflammation, it will age faster. That’s why it is important to keep the skin nourished and healthy. Though rosacea is not life-threatening, but it affects your self-confidence due to aesthetic reasons. Here are some measures you can do to deal with rosacea:

  • Avoid saturated fats, because they promote skin inflammation.
  • Take time to cool hot drinks to room temperature before consuming them.
  • Do Daily Skincare – It’s important that you know what type of skin products will trigger your rosacea. There are a lot of night creams and moisturizing creams in the market designed for rosacea. Opt for the right cream that is effective for your skin type. And lastly, do not touch your face, unless you’re cleaning it.
  • Avoid High Or Low Temperatures – This applies to going in sauna bath houses, hot tubs or steam baths. Make sure you shower under lukewarm water or to a temperature that is tolerable enough for your skin.
  • Meet Your Recommended zinc Intake – Preferably, not more than 50 milligrams daily. Zinc helps in boosting your immune system and promotes tissue repair at the same time.
  • Take Your Vitamin C – Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties and it also boosts immunity as well.

fruitsAll in all, you need to include fruits, green leafy vegetables and other vegetables in your daily diet. It will help you alleviate the symptoms of rosacea because most fruits and vegetables are immunity boosters.

It may sound like a boring meal plan, but it will provide your body the necessary nutrients it needs. Plus, this type of diet will also help control your weight. There are many healthy recipes online that you can easily make in your kitchen.

Another diet modification you need to make is to minimize your sugars, dairy and red meat intake. Still, there are other substitutes you can find to make your meals interesting. For example, you can choose to switch your regular milk with soy or coconut milk. You can also go for organic fish or meat for a healthier choice. The secret to this type of meal plan is discipline and variety.

And before you buy skin care products, it’s recommended that you opt for those products with natural ingredients. Needless to say, you don’t want to apply harsh chemicals and other synthetic ingredients on your skin that will worsen your skin condition. All you need to remember is that the cleaner the products, the clearer your skin will be. Basically, you just need to look for cleansers with oil or aloe vera ingredients. These two are trusted natural skin moisturizers.

Some people with rosacea opt for antibiotics, ointments and even acne medications. These management tools might work out for them, but the opposite can happen for others. It simply means that each case is different from one another. And if you want to know how to deal with your rosacea, make sure you know the root cause of it. On that basis, you will be able to prevent triggering rosacea.

dermatologistBut before you decide to continue your diet and lifestyle modifications, make sure you consult your dermatologist first. Or, you can also visit a nutritionist to help you out with a concrete meal plan that fits your lifestyle.

This will also help you understand your nutrition better, and they are experts in determining the factors you need to avoid.  Aside from getting relevant information, you can also ask them anything you want to know. Doing your own research about rosacea is also a good way to help your understand more about this condition.


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