Is Rosacea Skin Sensitive To Skin Care Ingredients

By | 22 September, 2013

Is rosacea skin sensitive? Skin affected by rosacea is defined as one of the actual types of particularly sensitive skin by doctors. In other words, the term “sensitive” is used in a medical way and not just casually. That is why people who suffer from this condition might get medical treatment from time to time.rosacea skin sensitive

Other rosacea skin conditions that are defined as sensitive are those prone to acne, stinging, burning, and allergies. A person who suffers from any of these conditions needs to be extra careful when they select any topical ointments. Topical lotions and ointments that feel soothing and harmless to other people may cause pain, inflammation, and rashes.

Seek Your Doctor’s Advice to get rid of Rosacea Skin

If you are already under a doctor’s care for your rosacea skin condition, it will not pay to be careless. Using the wrong products can cause irritation and aggravate your condition. On the other hand, the right products can be soothing and healing.

This is true even if your doctor will not always suggest a prescription ointment. A rosacea skin specialist in this field will also have a good idea which natural and commercially prepared products are good for a person with one type of skin sensitivity or another. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a specific ointment to treat your skin.

Is Rosacea Skin Sensitive To Skin Care Ingredients?

rosacea skinFirst, it might be helpful to learn about rosacea. Rosacea is actually a fairly common skin problem. People who suffer from this condition may have a tendency to get acne.

They may also have visible broken red blood veins on their face. These may be particularly apparent on their noses. Their face may flush more often than most people’s as well.

It is not really known what causes this condition. If there are no other no causes, it may very well be genetic. This condition seems to show up in some families more than others. Other causes might be bacteria, getting a lot of sun, and an unstable vascular system.

Doctors do recommend specific types of skin care products for people with this condition. You cannot just assume that a product is safe for sensitive skin because it is advertised as natural or organic. Some very natural products can be extremely irritating, especially for people who already suffer from sensitive skin.

These suggested products include skin products with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Even though vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, it should be avoided because it is also acidic and may cause inflammation. Doctors also extend this caution to products which contain alpha hydroxy.

Recommended skin products are gentler. These include green tea or green tea extract, chamomile, and licorice extract.

Why Is Rosacea Skin Sensitive To Skin Care Ingredients?

People with this skin problem already suffer from inflammation. Inflammation simply means swelling, redness, and possibly pain on parts of the body. Products that reduce this inflammation, but will not irritate it more, are suggested as topical remedies.

If you have a sensitive skin condition, you will have to take a lot more care when choosing lotions, soap, and creams than other people do.rosacea skin

If you are having trouble finding the right skin care products, you may speak with your doctor. Alternatively, you can find commercial products that are suggested for use by people with various sensitive skin conditions.

You might find these products by speaking with the pharmacist in a local drug store. Sometimes it is easy to speak with a pharmacist than a doctor, and they no a lot about prescribed and non-prescription medication.

Some beauty supply stores and beauty counters are staffed by skin specialists who can also be very helpful in curing rosacea skin problems.


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