Rosacea And Sulfur Based Creams – A Possible Remedy?

By | 10 September, 2014

RoseceaHave you ever seen a person that has a large bulbous nose? It seems to be much larger than it should be, and it also appears to be bumpy as if from acne.

Perhaps their face is also flush, very red in color, something that may also be on their forehead, neck and chest. This is a condition called rosacea that affects thousands of people throughout the world today.

It is a skin disorder that does not have a specific treatment, but there are many symptoms that you can notice, and possible remedies that have worked for others, that can help people with this condition. If you, or someone that you know, has rosacea, here are some treatment options that you should consider. This article will show you how sulfur based creams may be the best way to treat this condition.

Understanding What Rosacea Is

Rosacea is a skin disorder that is very noticeable for a couple specific reasons. People that have this tend to be very flushed, as if they are embarrassed, or perhaps overheating in the sun. This characterization is apropos because many believe that hot temperatures can exacerbate this condition. People that have bulbous nose, with what appeared to be pimples all around it, are actually suffering from this skin disease.

Rosacea affect people's eyesIt can also affect people’s eyes, specifically the cornea which can cause damage, making it difficult for them to see.

Those that are of European descent are typically the ones that have this condition the most, especially if they have a light complexion and red hair. It affects people of both sexes, yet women tend to have it more than men.

It can spread from the face, down to your chest, and you may notice the dilation of blood vessels on the face as well. Now that you know what rosacea is, let’s look at some symptoms associated with this disease.

Symptoms That Rosacea Presents

The easiest way to describe what the symptoms are is to present the different subtypes of this condition. Those that have Subtype 1 there will be a constant erythema or redness on their face, especially if they are blushing and embarrassed. Subtype 2 focuses upon the papules that may appear on their nose and sometimes their face. These bumps are very similar to what forms with acne, as they will be pus filled and can last for several days.

eyelidsSubtype 3 is characterized by thickening of the skin, something that is evident with those that have enormous noses as a result of this condition. Likewise, this can happen to their eyelids, cheeks and even their ears and visible blood vessels will also be seen.

Finally, ocular rosacea is the one that primarily leads to the development of cysts in your eyes, making it difficult for you to see. This can cause blurred vision, or vision loss, which is why you need to see a physician if you have rosacea and your family, and you are suddenly having trouble with your vision.

What Causes Rosacea To Occur?

Rosacea is not caused by a bacteria or a virus. It seems to be a genetic disposition to reacting to the foods that you eat and the weather outside. It also seems to have to do with the blood vessels, how close they are to the surface of the skin, which is why the redness can be seen and changes in the thickness of the skin, and damage to the eyes, can occur.

The primary reasons that most people believe that rosacea is caused has to do with the elements outside. Sun exposure, hot weather, cold weather, and excessive amounts of wind can contribute to the onset of this condition. Your diet also plays a large role in whether or not you have this problem with alcohol, spicy foods, and certain fruits that can cause the condition to get worse.

Treatments For Rosacea That Actually Work

RosaceaThere are a couple medical treatments for this condition, but those primarily have to do with dealing with the aftermath of what rosacea does.

Laser surgery and treatments can be used on the papules that form on the nose, and can also help with treating your eyes to some degree.

Changing your diet is probably the best thing you can do, staying away from tomatoes, garlic, and fizzy drinks if possible. Alcohol is also a primary precursor to this condition as well.

Your diet should change to something that includes more oranges, lemons, grapefruit’s, cherries, and licorice if you have it. Chocolate is a great way to help with this condition as well as green tea as a beverage.

The best treatment that you can use that as pharmaceutically-based has to do with using an antibiotic. Doxycycline and other popular antibiotics are essential to keeping this condition at bay. Intense pulsed light from lasers can be used to effect a change in the redness of the skin. CO2 lasers can also treat areas where excessive skin build up has occurred, helping you to repair the damage rosacea has done.

Sulfur Creams For Rosacea – Do They Work?

five-starsAccording to the reviews that you will find on the Internet, people that have purchased creams that have sulfur have had excellent results with diminishing the appearance of rosacea on their skin.

Sulfur, by the way, is used in a variety of creams used to help with dandruff, warts and even acne. It is thought that the sulfur is actually going after the bacteria or fungus that is causing rosacea to occur. Although it is not known exactly why it works, if you suffer from rosacea, sulfur creams will definitely help you diminish the effects of rosacea.


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