Scarlet Skin: 12 Rosacea FAQs Everyone Should Ask

Rosacea is a non-infectious chronic skin condition that causes redness of the skin. It happens especially on the face, although it may come and go from time to time. Besides the presence of facial redness, there are a lot more things people should know about rosacea. In fact, many people ask about rosacea and some… Read More »

Here Are The 16 Rosacea FAQ’s Everyone Should Ask

It is estimated that more than 14 million people all across the world suffer from rosacea. However, its symptoms are so common that almost 90% of the sufferers are not aware that they are suffering from a skin disorder. It has been observed that this skin disorder usually begins after the age of 30 as… Read More »

With Rosacea On The Rise: 20 Triggers For Troubled Skin

There are over 40 million rosacea sufferers in America and most of them are not aware of the existence of this skin disorder. If you are one of those rosacea sufferers, you will know when you suddenly trigger those symptoms that result in sudden reddening of your face and appearance of bumps and pimples. Suddenly,… Read More »

Information About Ocular Rosacea of the Eyes

Ocular rosacea of the eyes is a manifestation of rosacea that mostly affects the eyes and the eyelids. The condition develops in people with rosacea, which is a chronic skin condition affecting the face. At times, the ocular rosacea, is an indication that you are going to develop later the facial type. Ocular rosacea affects individuals… Read More »

Can Rosacea Spread To Other Areas Or To Other People?

Rosacea affects millions of people. As common as it is, medical professionals have not been able to identify the cause of this skin condition. Skin specialists can only identify and treat the symptoms. In rosacea, something causes the blood vessels on facial skin to dilate, thus allowing more blood to flow through. That creates redness… Read More »

Toddlers And Rosacea

Many parents fret over their child and his/her health and rightly so. The child can be far more vulnerable than adults as their bodies are still developing along with their skin as well. In this case, it is pertinent to remain up to speed with how their skin is reacting in certain situation and whether… Read More »