24 Natural Skin Care Tips That Will Keep You from Looking Older

By | 27 December, 2016

Like many people, if you’re about to hit your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday soon, you probably feel like your outfit is the least of your concerns. Are you more worried about the toll your age is taking on your skin?

There are many homemade skin care tips that can change your life. For every type of problem that your aging skin faces, there are ideal natural skin care recipes and other natural beauty tips to help with it.

Follow these natural skin care tips starting today, and your skin will genuinely thank you. Take charge of the situation and fix the problem. Always remember that you are never too old to pamper your skin. Here are 24 natural skin care tips you can try – but not all of them at once.

Choose one or two of these tips each week and gradually make the right moves to help your skin grow younger, not older.

1. Eat Natural, Healthy Food

leafy greensIt is common knowledge that the healthier you are from within, the more it reflects on the outside. Therefore, it is important to watch your diet.

Make sure that your daily supply of food is rich in all the requisite nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E. These are essential natural skin care tips for glowing skin.

You must also have plenty of leafy greens. As a result, your blood will be purer. This will give you perfect looking skin, free from blemishes.

2. Exercise Adequately, Regularly

Sweating it out helps you not only maintain a great figure, but also improve your skin. A good work out provides relief from wrinkles by working on stress levels. It will also leave you feeling alive.

As a result of your heart pumping post exercise, there is an enhanced supply of oxygenated blood to your skin. This has a bearing on your complexion.

You needn’t overwork yourself. A short, fixed routine involving aerobics and basic exercises will work wonders. Exercise is a great way to keep your skin youthful.

3. Avoid the Sun at Certain Times

Avoid the SunAs much as the vitamin D that the sun supplies is good for you, over-exposure to the sun is the worst. Protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Exposure to the sun can give you sun spots and wrinkles. They tend to show more as you age. The rays of the sun are the least harsh early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

If you have to walk outdoors in the scorching sun, cover yourself adequately. Also carry an umbrella and protect your eyes with sunglasses.

4. Get Enough Undisturbed Sleep

A disturbed sleep cycle will cause your skin to look tired. Dark patches below your eyes from stress only get worse as you grow. This is the result of stress.

Due to lack of adequate rest, your stress hormones act up. This in turn is what leads to inflammation of the skin; thus, the skin is robbed off of its natural beauty.

While you sleep, the body also tries to rebalance hydration. If you don’t sleep properly, this process is affected, resulting in dull skin.

5. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

drink lots of waterThe first thing every grandma tells you when you complain about skin problems is to drink lots of water. It makes perfect sense, because water can heal you from within.

Consuming water alone is not a beauty secret by itself. What water does is it keeps your skin healthy. It prevents dryness and flakiness.

There’s no such thing as too much water. Have as much as you can. It also helps in washing away all the toxins from your body. It is a proven fact that drinking lots of water daily helps keep pimples at bay.

6. Exfoliate On a Regular Basis

Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off the dead cells from the surface of the skin. These dead cells damage your skin badly and cause a series of problems.

By exfoliating, you are helping your skin regenerate fresh cells. It helps regulate the collagen in your skin. This leads to firming of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.

Skin experts often recommend that you use natural substances to exfoliate, such as sugar and lemon. Avoid non-natural remedies, but if necessary, use mild ones such as Clear Pores or Neutrogena.

7. Try to Sleep On Your Backside

This article has stressed on the importance of comfortable sleep earlier. Not only are your hours of sleep important, but also the position in which you sleep.

Sleeping on your back is the best way to ensure a healthy body. In this position, you’re applying no pressure on your face. Thus, wrinkles will not develop.

The exposure of your face to oil and dirt accumulated on your pillow will be within control. Though you may not realize it, how you sleep makes a huge difference.

8. Use Lactic Acid during Your Bath

The next time you have a bath add a few cups of milk to the water. The lactic acid content in milk is great for your skin.

A milk bath will help you gain smooth skin. It will soothe irritations including those due to eczema. The lactic acid removes dead skin and encourages skin renewal.

You can also tackle the natural darkening of your skin from age, with milk. Given these amazing qualities, milk is incorporated in a lot of bath products.

9. Avoid Smoking and Too Much Alcohol

Avoid Smoking and Too Much AlcoholTobacco is notoriously known for accelerating the aging of your skin. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels. Alcohol also has a similar effect.

Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol are thus extremely harmful for the skin. In due time, there will be a lack of oxygen and other nutrients.

Discoloration of the lips and itchiness of the skin are some of the consequences. You must actively avoid smoking and drinking to keep your skin healthy. This is one of the most important anti-aging skin care tips.

10. Cut the Sweet Stuff

Reducing or completely avoiding sugar intake is a great tip for beautiful skin. Sugar is acidic and causes inflammation. This shows up in the form of wrinkles and rashes, which are more prominent as you age.

Sugar can also cause dehydration in your body. Just like your grandmother and this article has stressed on the relevance of hydration before, the role of blood sugar levels also has an impact on stress levels.

By getting rid of sugar, you will see your acne vanish, wrinkles reduce and mood elevate. Curb your craving to protect your skin.

11. Eat Foods Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

salmonNature offers us a variety of products rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Some examples are walnut, flaxseed and salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy for the whole body.

These acids help tackle damage caused by the sun. They are easy to incorporate in your daily meal. They are anti-inflammatory and work well on skin inflicted with psoriasis.

They even prevent other skin problems, like acne and rosacea. On aging skin, these acids also play the role of regulating the collagen that binds the skin, preventing lines and wrinkles.

12. Use Natural Coolants on your Face

Easily available natural skin care products like cucumber and aloe vera can do wonders for your skin. Tired skin will feel instantly rejuvenated on application of these products.

These products have natural cooling properties. They refresh the skin and provide much needed relief. They can be applied in the form of a pack or even consumed orally to cool down from within.

Given their soothing properties, they also fight inflammation beautifully. If you suffer from acne or rashes, these natural acne fighting tips are the best for you.

13. Don’t Pick or Prod Your Pimples

pimplesPicking your pimples is what causes acne. Acne start to become more and more visible as your skin grows old. To avoid this, start by not touching the pimples.

Though it is difficult to resist the temptation to pop a pimple, it is an essential step towards protecting your skin. The consequences of picking include discoloration, infection, and ugly scars.

Apply products to relieve you from the inflammation if you have the urge to pick your pimples. Use ice on the surface and resist the urge.

14. Consume Coconut Water Once in a While

While hydrating your body is essential, you can substitute regular water with coconut water once in a while. Coconut water is healthy and tasty.

Coconut water contains cytokinins. This has naturally anti-aging effects on cells and tissues. Having coconut water will also make your skin smooth. Your skin will also glow beautifully.

Drinking coconut water will also help you get rid of cracks and flakes on your skin. The nutritional value of this fruit is also high. It is easily available through the year, too.

15. Remove Your Makeup before Bedtime

Leaving your makeup on while going to sleep is one of the worst habits you can have. It will provide opportunity for infections to set in. It will also lead to break outs and inflammation.

Make it a habit to clean up the make up on your face and neck before going to bed no matter how tired you are.

Washing your face before going to sleep will also cleanse your pores and help your skin breathe. Use a mild cleanser if necessary, to remove the makeup.

16. Replace Coffee with Water or Herbal Tea

Herbal TeaIn this fast paced life, a lot of us rely on coffee to keep us up and about. What you may not realize is the damage caffeine does to your body and skin in particular.

The caffeine itself can boost stress hormones and cause acne and break outs. Added to this, the milk and sugar content in coffee also have damaging effects.

Another bad thing about coffee is that it can leave you craving for more sweet. Having herbal tea instead is a way better option.

17. Cleanse Your Face Twice Every Day

It is a misconception that the more times you clean your face a day, the better it is. Excessive cleansing can actually lead to dry skin.

Make it a point to wash your face in the morning and in the night. Feel free to clean up in between if you want to feel refreshed or clear up dirt from pollution.

Keeping your face clean and moist at the same time, will help you keep it healthy, soft, and blemish free. Moisturize and hydrate your skin every time you cleanse it.

18. Increase Fiber and Magnesium Intake

raspberriesThese steps are essential in order to detoxify your skin. Fiber helps you regulate your bowel movements. The presence of toxins inside your body shows in the form of eruptions or rashes on your skin.

Washing away of toxins is easiest through intake of fibrous and magnesium-rich foods. Leafy vegetables are great sources of magnesium. Fruits like raspberries, bananas and oranges are extremely fibrous.

Keeping toxins in control will have amazing effects on your skin. It’ll glow and shine. However, do actively try and avoid medication to achieve detoxification.

19. Get the Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Fruits containing Vitamin C have natural properties to bleach the skin. These properties make them an excellent agent for skin repair.

Vitamin C rich products reduce skin discoloration and help in making the skin tone even. They also boost the immunity of the body and prevent further damage. Further, they have anti-aging properties, too.

Even for synthesis of collagen, which is essential to keep skin firm, vitamin C is essential. Face packs containing lemon are amazing for the skin. You can feel your skin glow almost immediately.

20. Cleanse the Skin with Honey

honeyHoney is one of the best anti septic remedies that is naturally occurring and available. Needless to say, it works amazingly for skin issues.

It repairs ruptured skin and soothes it. You can apply honey directly or in the form of a pack with other ingredients. Also, honey is a natural anti-aging product as well.

Interestingly, you will see that honey finds its place even in natural hair care tips. Usage of honey for these purposes has been prevalent for thousands of years now.

21. Change Pillow Case Often

Though this may seem like a silly point at first, it is one of the most pertinent natural skin care tips. The reason being, your pillow case contains a lot more dirt than you can imagine.

As you rest your head on the pillow case, the dirt accumulates over time. When this comes in regular contact with your face, it causes bacterial infections.

By keeping your pillow cases clean and changing them often, you will notice your face being clearer. Keeping your skin clean is also about keeping your surroundings clean.

22. Steam Your Face Regularly

facial cleansing A lot of skin problems arise from pores being clogged. One of the most sought after ways to unclog pores is by way of steaming. It is a very easy process and is even helpful for clearing your nasal track.

Regular steaming will keep away acne and blackheads. It is an essential part of every facial cleansing routine. You can even add herbs like eucalyptus in the water that you steam.

Do bear in mind that if not regulated well, steaming can be counter-productive. If not at an optimum temperature, it can cause your skin to burn.

23. Skip the Foundation Unless Necessary

As a ground rule avoid any make up and go natural as far as possible. Foundation is definitely on top of the list of products that you must try and avoid.

People use foundation to hide irregularities in the skin. Instead of dealing with this problem superficially, you should aim at dealing with in from within.

Instead of applying foundation, try and repair your skin to get an even tone through natural methods. Use natural skin care products like lemon to make your skin glow with a great natural tone.

24. Spend Time Outdoors, Smile, Breathe and De-Stress

laugh a lotThe best of all natural skin care tips is to let your skin breathe in some fresh air. Take a stroll in the garden early in the morning, breathe in pollution free air, and start your day with a smile.

Maintain a positive attitude, laugh a lot and do anything that helps keep your levels of stress low and under control. Stress is one of the biggest factors that lead to skin problems. As you grow old, it only gets worse.

These simple things can make a difference in keeping your body healthy and skin pure. However, avoid harsh weather that can make your skin dry.

Discover Youthful Skin Naturally

The best beauty advice one can give you is to keep cosmetic products away as far as possible. You never know how a product can affect your skin in the long run. Some medical problems do warrant usage of chemical products. For that reason, you must only use these sparingly.

Avoiding treatment is difficult when your skin problems affect your morale. Natural skin care tips as mentioned above will help you regain your confidence without compromising on the health of your skin. Pamper your skin as you grow older gracefully.

Natural beauty for your aging skin can be attained at home easily. The only things you need are, a positive lifestyle change and some natural skin care products that are available in plenty.


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