Top 18 Best Tips for Makeup for Rosacea: Learn How to Look Good

By | 20 February, 2017

According to the National Rosacea Society, there are at least 16 million Americans who experience the signs and symptoms of rosacea. There are millions more who may be suffering from temporary remission.

Rosacea can be a lifelong condition, and managing the symptoms can often be challenging. This includes makeup, which can be stressful to deal with due to the fact it can trigger more symptoms, including redness and inflammation.

The good news is makeup for rosacea is possible. All you need to do is to follow these 18 rosacea make up tips and you can hide the redness away:

1. Stay Away from Anything Oily and Comedogenic

You will always hear or read about the terms, “comedogenic” or “non-comedogenic,” but what are they really?

Comedogenicity is the tendency of a particular skincare ingredient or product to block the pores in your skin and cause blackheads, whiteheads, or acne. When you have rosacea, it is important that you stay away from products that would block the pores in your skin.

What is your best option? Go for cosmetic products that are both oil-free and non-comedogenic. These products will not clog your pores and prevent the worsening of rosacea symptoms.

Apart from non-comedogenic products, read the next section to find out the other ingredients you should avoid.

2. Ingredients You Need to Avoid to Stop Rosacea from Taking Over Your Skin

Here’s the good news: there are products available that are specially formulated for rosacea sufferers. When it comes to make up, there are options available, as well.

Here’s the catch: you need to avoid certain ingredients to avoid flare-ups in the future. These ingredients include:

  • Alcohol
  • Peppermint
  • Witch hazel
  • Clove oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Menthol
  • Charcoal powder
  • Grapefruit extract

Apart from these ingredients, products with fragrance or perfume must also be avoided to avoid further irritation.

Does your favorite makeup have these ingredients? If yes, read the next step.

3. Say Goodbye to Products That Irritate, Sting, and Burn Your Skin

You learned about the different ingredients that might cause allergic reaction on your skin. What’s the next step?

Toss them in the trash bin.

As much as you want to use them, products that contain these ingredients strip your skin off its natural moisture, cooling sensory nerves, and skin cells that protect your skin against redness caused by rosacea. When this happens, say hello to redness and inflammation that are even more obvious on your face.

Don’t worry. What you need to do is to make sure that your favorite cleanser of makeup product doesn’t contain irritating ingredients. Now you learned your lesson, which leads you to this next makeup tip for rosacea.

4. The Patch Test: A Crucial Step You Shouldn’t Miss When Choosing Rosacea Cosmetics

You will never know how a particular product works until you test it on your skin. This is why apart from making sure that the ingredients above are not included in your chosen makeup, you also test the product on your skin.

This is called patch test and it is highly recommended if you have rosacea or extremely sensitive skin.

To do this, apply the product on the side of your neck. The skin of your neck is thinner and more reactive similar to your face. If your neck can tolerate it, your face can as well. Watch out for any skin reactions such as redness, itch, rash, or any form of irritation. If the coast is clear, then your chosen make up can be applied on your skin.

Before you do, make sure you will do this next step.

5. The Essence of Cleansing and Moisturizing Before Prettifying Your Skin

foaming cleanserYou might be excited to apply the makeup you bought from Sephora after learning that your skin didn’t react to it. Stop. You need to cleanse and moisturize first before using any product on your face.


Cleansing and moisturizing are vital steps in soothing and treating your skin. It helps get rid of dirt, excess oil, bacteria, and other undesirable substances in your face. Try Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser, gently massage it on your face, and rinse with lukewarm water.

On the other hand, moisturizing makes your skin hydrated and locks in the moisture on your face. It also supports your skin’s barrier function to keep water in your skin and harmful elements out. This will make it harder for irritants and allergens to enter your skin and make makeup for rosacea and dry skin more manageable.

Just make sure that you use products that are also suitable for your skin type to avoid any irritation. Before you apply any makeup on your skin, make sure you do these two important steps. You wouldn’t want to look like you had too much blush on, do you?

6. The Importance of Using a Primer Before You Apply Makeup on Your Face

You’re done with cleansing and moisturizing. Now it’s time to apply primer.

Makeup primer is a base for foundation to make sure that your makeup will last smoother and longer in your face. Before you apply the best makeup for rosacea sufferers, make sure you have a primer with silicone ready.

What’s this for?

Using a primer with silicone smooth over your pores to create a gentle barrier between your skin and makeup. It makes your skin look more flawless and at also, reduces the chances of irritation when you apply your makeup.

Before you apply a primer on your face, don’t forget to patch test it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, you want a makeup that conceals the signs of rosacea and not exacerbate it.

Wait, there’s more. There are more makeup for rosacea tips you need to know, plus some recommended products worth trying, so make sure you read until the end.

7. It’s Yellow and Not Green When Using a Foundation on Your Skin

Someone may have told you that a green foundation is essential when it comes to makeup for rosacea. Apparently, when it comes to concealing the signs of rosacea, a yellow base is the best way to go.

Contrary to popular beliefs, yellow-tinted products cancel the redness brought by rosacea. Visually, a yellow base corrects the redness and evens out your skin tone to make the symptoms less noticeable. On the other hand, going for green will make you appear gray or even green, regardless of how much foundation you apply to your face.

There are many foundation for rosacea that are available in the market. Consider getting one with UVA and UVB protection for added benefit and to prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun from making rosacea symptoms worse. Don’t worry. You will learn more about the importance of sunscreen in the succeeding sections.

Apart from the sun protection, check out this next tip for another important characteristic when shopping for makeup.

8. Always Go for Oil-Free to Stop the Symptoms from Getting Worse

You found the perfect yellow-tinted foundation and got excited when you used it. Upon application, this foundation made rosacea symptoms worse and makes you look even redder.

What went wrong?

It turns out that you forgot to read the ingredients and used something with oil on your skin.

When it comes to managing rosacea, it is important that you go for oil-free products, especially for foundation and concealer. Oil-free foundation for rosacea also provides a certain level of coverage your skin needs to make the symptoms less noticeable. At the same time, going for oil-free cosmetics minimizes the oil buildup in your pores, thereby lessening the risk of redness.

This is why make it a habit to read ingredients to make sure you won’t compromise your skin.

9. Less Is More: The Importance of Using Less Products on Your Skin

You might be tempted to try the products you bought all at the same time. Unfortunately, this could be a bad idea and could cause adverse reactions on your skin.

What should you do?

Limit your skincare products with the essentials – cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. You may use exfoliants, toners, and make up products, although it is advisable that you use them sparingly.

Why should you limit your products on your skin?

Most skincare products contain potent ingredients, which makes them effective. Unfortunately, using various potent ingredients at the same time makes them ineffective and makes your more prone to flare-ups, which is what you don’t want to happen.

Aside from limiting your skincare products, you can also try alternating their use between your morning and evening routine. Scheduling skincare product use to every other day or thrice a week is also a good idea to avoid irritating your skin.

Contrary to popular belief, using too much products on your skin makes them less effective. Relax and choose only what your skin needs.

10. Why Your Makeup Has to Be Light and Uniform

makeupYou finally tossed the products that you don’t need and chose only a few to help you manage rosacea. The next tip now is this: keep your makeup uniform and light.

You might be tempted to apply a thicker texture on red spots on your face to make them less noticeable. Apparently, this will only make your overall appearance look worse and the rosacea outbreak more noticeable.

To correct this, make sure your makeup is light and uniform, which means you apply the same texture all over your face, regardless of the areas with more red spots. Start with the yellow base to cover affected areas then apply foundation. Use a foundation brush then a Beauty Blender brush dampened and dried in a towel in order to create a flawless look.

11. Get to Know the Amazing Benefits of Mineral Powder for Your Rosacea Skin Care

Here is another cardinal rule when it comes to makeup for rosacea: go for mineral powder.

You might ask why.

Mineral makeup doesn’t contain ingredients that could irritate your skin. There are also mineral powders that are specially formulated to correct your skin’s redness. That’s not all. Most people with rosacea use mineral powder because it is easy to use and provides coverage immediately.

You can check Clinique Redness Solutions skin care line for your supply of mineral powder. You might also want to explore the other products in their line and see what will work for you. In case this brand didn’t work, you can try the mineral foundations from Jane Iredale, which is among the best in the market and are perfect for coverage.

12. Say Goodbye to Powder When it Comes to Makeup for Rosacea

Goodbye to PowderYou will never run out of options when it comes to makeup. In fact, there are variety of choices that could cater to your skin. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to be complacent. When it comes to makeup, it is important that you avoid using powdered products.

What is the reason behind this?

Powdered products contain coarse particles that can irritate your skin. When this happens, it encourages the symptoms of rosacea to come out and play, thereby making you redder, inflamed and irritated.

What should you do?

Use a dewy makeup, which means gel or cream. Makeups that are cream- or gel-based are moisturizing on your skin, which smoothen not just fine lines but also the top of your skin, which is usually flaky.

Choosing the best products can be tricky, especially with the variety of makeups available in the market. In line with this, you can try Rosacea Relief Serum by Skinception. It reduces not just the redness, but also the appearance of spider veins and inflammation on your skin.

Apart from this, make sure you follow these make up tips you learned above and you will learn in the succeeding sections to be able to manage rosacea.

13. Consider Cover Corrective Makeup to Make Rosacea Less Noticeable

Here’s another bit of good news for you: there are cover-corrective cosmetics available in the makeup marketplace.

What do they do?

Color corrective makeup means there are makeups that are formulated specially for rosacea that comes with broad-spectrum sun protection and a wide array of tones to match your skin color. At the same time, they help conceal redness and other skin imperfections to achieve a flawless look.

In other words, it is making your life easier to make rosacea less noticeable. The idea is tempting, don’t you think?

14. The Importance of Using the Right Tools on Your Skin

toolsWhen it comes to applying makeup, the choice is endless. You can use a brush, a sponge, or even your fingertips to apply color in your skin.

Here’s the catch: having rosacea means you need to be extra careful in choosing the right tools for makeup application. When it comes to this department, the best option is antibacterial foundation brush.

Sponge may work, but the issue with this tool is that it is hard to clean and can be harsh on your skin. Using your fingertips can be problematic too because it is easier to transfer dirt and oil on your face. When you have rosacea, it is important that you use clean tools to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria on your face that could contribute to flare-ups.

Therefore, go for antibacterial brushes and save your skin from the symptoms of rosacea. Your skin will thank you after.

15. Cover the Signs of Rosacea with the Help of Sheer Blush

You might be thinking: should you still apply blush despite the redness that comes with rosacea?

The answer is it depends on you. You can choose not to and simply apply moisturizer with sunscreen on your face. In case you decided to add more color to your skin, then try this: sheer blush.

The good thing about using sheer blush is that it helps add color to your skin while minimizing the possibility of flare-ups. Just make sure you will choose a sheer blush that is made for sensitive skin. Don’t forget to apply it sparingly using an antibacterial brush and sweep it from the apples of your cheeks towards your temples.

If you can, use minimal amount only to avoid re-accentuating the redness underneath the blush. You want to make rosacea less obvious.

Don’t go yet. There are more makeup for rosacea tips you should know, especially on the eye area, which can be challenging to work with. The succeeding sections will tell you more about it.

16. Choosing the Right Products for Your Eye Make Up

Eye Make UpThe eye area can be sensitive, which means you need to be extra cautious in choosing what to apply in this area. If you suffer from ocular rosacea, treating the eye area gently is also crucial, but highly recommended.

The good news is you can still wear eye makeup especially when the situation calls for it. Just make sure you will follow these tips to minimize the risk of rosacea symptoms taking over your eye area:

  • Look for eye make up that are designed for sensitive eyes.
  • Whenever available, choose ophthalmologist- and allergy-tested products to minimize irritation in the area.
  • Fragrance-free formulas are ideal for your eye makeup.
  • Choose mineral powder eye shadow if your eyes are susceptible to the symptoms of rosacea.
  • Eye shadows and eye pencils in neutral colors are less irritating compared to strong, bold tones because they have less pigment.
  • Mascara formulas that can be removed by rinsing it with warm water is highly recommended.
  • Say no to liquid eyeliner since it could contribute to ocular rosacea symptoms.

Apparently, it doesn’t end here. The next section will tell you about a crucial step in ensuring that rosacea won’t affect your eyes.

17. How Often Is Often: Get to Know When to Replace Your Eye Makeup

You might be tempted to finish an entire bottle of eye cream or mascara since it is still your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, using eye products more until you are down to the last drop can be problematic.

What does this mean?

If you are prone to eye infections, make sure you replace your eye makeup every four months or even three if you use it regularly. This way, you minimize the transmission of dirt and bacteria on your eye area and prevent infection and irritation.

Apart from your eyes, your lips deserve some attention too. Check out the next section to know more about it.

18. Don’t Forget Your Lips: Tips for Dressing Up Your Kisser, Despite Rosacea

lipsAdmit it. This might be another area of concern. Your skin is red enough and regardless of what color you decided to wear, the redness on your skin can interfere with your lipstick color.

The good news is you can still wear lipstick to add more color to your face. Before you buy the latest Kylie Lip Kit or Mac lipstick, go through these tips first on how to wear lipstick despite rosacea:

  • Avoid red shade or anything within that color scheme since it adds to the redness of your skin.
  • It is best to go for neutral shades that are close to your skin color to make it look more natural.

Have you seen the perfect lip shade for you?

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you take care of yourself to make you look good. All of the 18 tips you learned about makeup for rosacea will help you conceal the redness and improve your appearance. Still, if you rely too much on cosmetics and forget about yourself, all of the tips for beautifying your skin may not work.


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