Is Rosacea Caused By Yeast Or Something Else?

By | 3 November, 2014

RosaceaIt has been known for the question, is rosacea caused by yeast, to be asked. Yeast is actually a fungus, and therefore it has the potential to release thousands of spores into the air in a short space of time.

It is more well-known for the production of foods like bread and beer, but it also has a negative side to it. Yeast is present in the human body, usually the vagina, and when an imbalance in bacteria happens to keep the yeast under control, it can run rampant, and this is known as Candida.

When it comes to rosacea, it is not the cause as the facial environment is not warm or damp enough for yeast to grow. So what does cause rosacea in people? The truth is, no one actually knows. That may seem strange due to the amount of medical knowledge humans now possess, but the body is an extremely complex machine, and we only actually know a small percentage of how it all works, especially at the genetic and molecular levels.

rosaceaIt is at those levels that most illnesses start with, and the technology for looking at these is only just becoming mainstream. Rosacea can appear in anyone, but not until they are in their thirties.

Although it can occur in younger people, it is extremely rare if it does. The older we get, the more the chance of some form of rosacea appearing. The disease also tends to affect women more than men, and we do not know why this is either.

Over the years, there has been a lot of research into this disease, but one cause has never been found. This means that it is likely to be genetic, but it is triggered by an outside influence. Once it has been switched on, it cannot be switched off.

If the cause is found to be genetic, and it is a simple code that is either on, or off, then it will be possible to design a drug that can switch it off for good. Until then, it is just a case of managing the condition. If left without treatment papules and pustules can start to appear, usually on the nose.

Redness can appear around the eyes, and a burning sensation may be felt in various regions of the face. In advanced untreated stages, the nose can suffer from some disfigurement. When this happens, the damage is not reversible unless plastic surgery is used. Most people who have rosacea usually have it in its mildest form, and with today’s understanding of the disease, its progression can be slowed down.

creamFor some people, rosacea can appear overnight, and not get any worse over time, but it is usually a disease which will worsen with age. Keeping control of it is very important, and when it first appears, always seek medical advice.

In most cases, it is recommended to use decent facial creams and moisturizers to keep the skin moist. For people who often suffer from flare ups, taking allergy medication can work very well.

We do know that some of the flare ups can be controlled by working out what the actual trigger is. These triggers can be very varied, and the list is long. To find out which one triggers it in an individual means going through everything one by one.

This includes hot baths, vegetables, excessive physical exercise, swimming, cold water, steam, cold wind, dry conditions, food, alcohol, and any number of other things. If the trigger can be found, then it is simply a case of avoiding it as much as possible.


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