Is Metrogel An Effective Treatment For Rosacea?

By | 24 July, 2014

rosacea skinWhile Metrogel is one of the prime treatments for rosacea, it is really unknown exactly how it works, but it just does. One of the ingredients in Metrogel, metronidazole, does have a well known breakdown of how that works, but when it comes to Metrogel itself, the actual mechanism is not known.

Metronidazole based products themselves have a history of being effective for such conditions as Thicomonas vaginalis, amebiasis, and giarediasis. Metronidazole has been very effective in treating infections of the anaerobic bacterial variety, Crohn’s disease, and diarrhea from over treatment with antibiotics, as well as rosacea.

In short, metronidazole breaks on down into an ingredient that virtually kills the DNA in the cells of various protozoa and bacteria. The anaerobic bactera gets zapped because the metronidazole is reduced to an active form, which really messes up the DNA which stops the synthesis of nucleic acid, which results in the death of the bacteria. The DNA actually breaks, and the cell dies.

So, it could be assumed that Metrogel would work in much the same way, but so far the actual proof of how it does relieve the symptoms of rosacea has not definitely been discovered. It does take a while though, as patients who have rosacea will have to wait several weeks, up to 10 weeks, for there to be a noticeable improvement in the rosaea redness, pimples, and roughness of skin. Some will see improvement more quickly, but it will vary among individuals.

metrogelThe strength of the metronidazole is only 1% to .75% in the Metrogel, depending on how sensitive a person’s skin is. The reports from people who use Metrogel are good, in that most of them notice some improvement somewhere.

One person noted that even though it took about 3 months to see any improvement, there was a clearing up of the redness, and the skin was not so rough, and seemed to have more moisture to it. Other people have said that the Metrogel helps to clear up the pustules and pimples fairly rapidly.

Actually, metronidazole topical applications have been used for rosacea since 1983, and the advent of the substance into the Metrogel format has made it easier to apply and tolerate. The Metrogel cream or lotion has 1% metronidazole concentration and the medication is used as an external application only.

handThe hands should be washed and dried before and after the application of the substance. The medication is an antibiotic, as mentioned before, and it is believed that in addition to being an antibiotic, the reduces the inflammation that the rosacea causes.

The dosage is to apply the Metrogel twice a day, and for best results, apply it at the same times each day. You should keep the medication away from the eyes, and if it does get into the eyes, it should be rinsed out carefully as soon as possible.

It usually takes about 3 weeks before the patient sees any results. People who use Metrogel, generally have good results with it. One lady said that she had looked for a remedy for four years with no success until she came across Metrogel.

Her new doctor had prescribed it and after she applied her first dose, she said that she experienced good results the very next day. She also said that using Metrogel in combination with a mild castile soap cleanser helped a great deal too.

Another person admitted that when they started using Metrogel, it was not on a consistent basis, but since she has been using it regularly every day she has experienced very good results. Another lady said that she had suffered from rosacea for nearly 30 years, and had a terrible time dealing with it, having to cover the breakouts with heavy makeup.

dermatologistShe recently decided to try a new dermatologist, and Metrogel was prescribed. In the last 2 to 3 months, she said that her face has improved about 95% and she has been told by many people that she looks much younger. Although it did take a few weeks to finally kick in, she is glad that she followed through and kept taking it.

Another young woman was diagnosed with rosacea by her dermatologist and put on Metrogel. Her skin had turned blotchy red and pimples had begun to break out. After about 5 t 6 weeks of using Metrogel, her condition improved to the point that the rosacea is barely noticeable.

And there are many more testimonies of like nature, and most of them showing good results. It is very important that a person who has rosacea take the treatments exactly like it is prescribed and that they keep the regimen as it is outlined.

The failures in getting desired results is many times, the fact that the treatment was intermittent and sporadic. People who stick with the treatment plan, have the best results.


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