How To Keep Your Rosacea Under Control

By | 20 June, 2015

Rosacea skin conditionIf you have been diagnosed with rosacea, you probably are worried that the condition is going to keep getting worse. Not treating your rosacea can lead to progressively worse symptoms and you could even end up going blind.

It is important to have rosacea diagnosed and treated so you can get started on a management plan. While rosacea can’t be reversed, there are effective ways you can manage the condition and learn how to deal with it.

Read On To Learn More About Rosacea And Your Treatment Options:

How Is Rosacea Diagnosed?

When your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin start to develop red patches that won’t go away you might have rosacea. There may be be acne-like pus filled pimples in the red areas and you may even see your blood vessels near the surface of your skin. Your eyes might be affected as well. They might look red and feel irritated.

Rosacea can lead to severe complications that include blindness, which is why it is important to treat it if you think you have it. You can also develop waxy knobs on your nose that will leave you disfigured. Your skin may start to thicken in the red areas as well.

What Are Some Of The Treatment Options For Rosacea?

DoctorThere are plenty of treatment options for rosacea that are both doctor prescribed and self managed. With the right combination of self care and prescription medication, you can ease your symptoms and prevent them from getting worse.

Once you visit your doctor, you will get a custom treatment plan that will relieve your discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics to counter the pus filled bumps on your face.

Once the bumps are under control your doctor will prescribe topical therapies that will minimize the redness and tiny blood vessels. You may need a prescription cream or even be treated with laser and light therapy.

Light therapy has been shown to be very effective against rosacea as it reduces redness. You may also need prescription eye drops to stop the redness and irritation of your eyes. In extreme cases, you may need surgery to correct nose disfigurement.

What Are Some Self Care Options?

When you have rosacea, you have to make sure you follow a good self care plan. It is important to baby your skin and you never want to do anything that is going to irritate it or pull at it. You need use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer and never use scrubs or exfoliating products. It is also crucial to use sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

What Are Some Rosacea Triggers?

alcoholYou want to stay away from rosacea triggers as much as possible. Certain foods can cause your rosacea to flare up. Try to keep away from spinach, spicy foods, hot foods, soy sauce and chocolate.

Beverages such as alcohol, hot chocolate and hot coffee should be avoided as well. Your rosacea can be influence by your emotions, so try not to get too upset over things.

If you can keep your anxiety in check, you can also keep your rosacea in check. Avoid saunas and hot baths because they can worsen your rosacea. When you go outside stay out of the sun and wind. Cold and humid conditions are also to be avoided. If you exert yourself by doing too much exercise, you might notice that your condition will get worse.

What Are Some Things To Look For In Face Cleansers?

When you are ready to pick out a new cleanser, you need to keep your rosacea in mind first of all. There are special skin care lines that are formulated for rosacea patients, or you can buy something over the counter. You want to stay away from any products that contain alcohol or witch hazel. Also stay away from scented products and products that have peppermint or menthol in them.

When you apply a cleanser, it is important not to scrub your face. Don’t use a washcloth to wash your face, just use your fingers. Use lukewarm water to rinse your face as well. Don’t dry your skin with a towel either, blot it dry.

 cleansing creamIf the water irritates your face, you may have to use a cleansing cream that you just wipe off with tissue. If your eyes are affected by rosacea, you will want to cleanse your eyelids as well using the same gentle techniques.

Be sure to apply a moisturizer and sunscreen after your wash your face. A gentle moisturizer can help stop the burning and irritation of rosacea.

Stopping the symptoms of rosacea requires a good medically-managed plan that combines care from your doctor with good self care. You will need to change your relationship with your skin to stop rosacea from progressing.


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