How Effective Is Avocado Oil for Rosacea Treatment

By | 16 September, 2014

AvocadoAvocado oils is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by many. This is because avocadoes are naturally enriched with essential oils and ant-oxidants that are greatly effective for human use.

Its oil for example is rich in omega 3 fats and other essentials required to keep your skin healthy and glamorous. Many skin care product manufacturers have found gold in this fruit and are investing hugely in the same.

A research on avocado oil has revealed that, it is indeed very effective in treatment of skin ailments such as skin acne, dry skin and most importantly, rosacea.  It contains great medicinal properties that seem to restore normal skin health deep under, hence facilitating quicker healing. Discussed below are some of the properties that make avocado oil effective.

1.Vitamins and other anti-oxidizing agents: Rosacea development is mostly catalyzed by increased presence of toxins deep in skin cells.  Antioxidants are required to flush these toxins from the skin cells. Avocados contain great amounts of vitamins A, E and D, which are key antioxidants in the human body.

vitamins These vitamins helps the detoxify skin cells hence facilitating quicker recovery of rosacea infliction.  Applying the avocado oil directly on the infected skin is enough to sooth the skin. These vitamins permeate the skin to detox skin cells.

2.    Sterolin: This is a compound found abundantly in avocados that promote development of soft skin. By making the skin softer, adverse effects of rosacea and reddening are reduced remarkably. Aside from sterolin making the skin softer, it also helps reduce rosacea glare by reducing its glare.  Applying the oil for a few weeks makes rosacea spots start disappearing, thus reducing its effects remarkably.

3.    Rich in proteins and fats: The best way to expunge rosacea causing agents is to induce repair of already damaged tissues. Proteins are essentially needed for this process, and avocados are very rich in these.Proteins in the form of amino acids in avocado can penetrate already damaged skin cells to promote quicker recovery and healing.

Moreover, Avocados are very rich in unsaturated fats. These fats help promote a softer skin by keeping cells deep under hydrated.  A well hydrated skin makes it easier for the skin to start fighting rosacea development as well.

4.   oil Potassium and Lecithin: Potassium is essential for cell repair and can be found abundantly in avocados. Applying the oil alone makes it possible for these potassium and lecithin compounds penetrate the skin. This farther catapults faster recovery and healing of damaged and affected skin cells.

How Does Avocado Oil Fight Rosacea

Avocado treats rosacea in such an amazing way. To start with, it keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized for long, and this helps the skin fight this condition’s adverse effects.  By keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized, the patient is relieved of the itchiness and dry skin experienced from the rosacea infestation. The skin is able to absorb the highly viscous avocado skin and retain it for more than 24 hours. This is enough time to give one relieve considering rosacea works on dry skin.

The minerals and essential oils in avocado also helps the skin get rid of dead skin, as well as boost scalp health.  This facilitates quicker healing and skin rejuvenation. The skin is also induced with collagen production factors from the avocado oil.  Collagen production induced by the omega 3 fatty acids enables the skin expunge rosacea bacteria and toxins by making possible for skin cells to start growing afresh.

The body naturally produces collagen during the first 20 years of growth. Its production however diminishes as time goes by, but avocado oil induces its production once again.  With the skin cells already growing and rejuvenated, damaged skin cells are replaced with healthy ones. This is the beginning of a newly grown skin, free of rosacea infections.

researchA private research on avocado oil has also revealed that avocado oil can remain effective on ones skin for more than 1 week after applying. It also acts as a sunscreen, which prevents adverse effects from sun exposure to be eliminated.

This also tends to create an ample environment for the overall healing process of the already infected skin.  If you are suffering from rosacea and are wondering what remedy to use, then consider using avocado pure oil. This oil doesn’t come with any side effects and is effective on all skin types.


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