How Do We Get Rosacea?

By | 13 March, 2014

why rosacea existsExperts concluded that the cause of rosacea is unknown however such skin condition is not contagious. There are suspected causes as to why rosacea exists, some claimed it’s due to over exposure in the sun, some says it’s a genetic thing,

others believed it’s a mite in the follicles of the hair or medically known as the demodex folliculorum, it could also be due to gastrointestinal issues, or it can even be due to medications that affected the function of a person’s blood vessels hence it widen.

How do we get rosacea? This is a question that is difficult to answer. The causes are a lot and are not limited, all are suspected causes but with no definite answer.

So why do you think some people suffer from facial redness? The typical causes or answers would be due to allergies, it could be because of eczema, a lupus status, hyperpyrexia and more.

How do we get rosacea is unknown, the best thing to do is consult your trusted doctor and try to determine its origin. If not, then at least try to prevent it from getting worse. Rosacea as they say is incurable, it can be minimized yet it will never really go away.

The best thing you can do is either hide it, manage it not to flare up or take medications to prevent its symptoms to aggravate.

Serious Skin Condition

Rosacea is a serious and sensitive medical condition that mainly affects the skin. This permanent redness of skin primarily concentrates on the face up until the chin, neck, forehead and ears.

It is not directly associated with genetics or classified as hereditary disorder. There are several factors that points out the origin of rosacea that should be studied thoroughly to confirm the basis. These aspects might also be very important to asses on how do we get rosacea.

 water.Because this is a sensitive skin condition, it would be best to fill yourself with a lot of useful info on how to manage rosacea. For instance, you need to ensure you are taking a lot of water.

You also have to get rid of alcoholic products, those that contains caffeine is bad too for it can aggravate your rosacea condition such as tea, coffee, and more.

Another way you need to know about rosacea is it can dehydrate your skin easily; hence the need to take omega 3 fatty acids is important.

You need to consider taking fish oils, pecan nuts, walnuts and more that can help you moisturize your skin and make it even healthy.

Undetermined Cause

Rosacea is very visible chronic skin condition. There are ample theories and investigations on how do we get rosacea, however precise evidence are yet to be authenticated.

The basis on what is the exact cause of rosacea is hardly traced. Some may agree to the idea that it is a result from merging of other serious diseases in the body. Nonetheless, this idea still belongs to the hypothetical points of rosacea’s causes. ”

Possible Causes

Since rosacea is considered as mystical skin condition and the exact cause is yet to be proven scientifically, there are several possibilities and theories that arise to help assess the development of rosacea and maybe on how do we get rosacea.

These assumptions may directly or indirectly trace the causes of the chronic condition but what is certain is that it may trigger or worsen the effect if not understood appropriately.

rosacea cream1. Environment And Weather– Studies would somehow imply that direct exposure of skin to sunlight, change of weather (heat and mist) and variation in temperature such as hot or cold are some of the triggers on how do we get rosacea.

Due to these environment influences skin are most likely to get sunburn, dries up the skin quicker and losses ample amount of moisture.

2. Inappropriate Treatment – Sometimes means to improve quality of health can trigger more damage than remedy.
Inappropriate medication can also be the best stimulant to weaken the body’s natural preventions like paving way on how do we get rosacea.

Allergies are implication of adverse reaction of the body to certain substances. The skin is sensitive part of the body. Some regimen that contains strong and harmful ingredients causes it to react oppositely causing it to get irritated, swells and produces redness.

Cut Down The Stressors In Life

How do we get rosacea is not quite understood my almost all experts, however cutting down the causes of stress in life will for sure help remedy your rosacea condition.

You also have to avoid a lot of things like sunlight exposure, extreme weather, too cold or too hot places, make sure to avail of foods that are rich in antioxidants, no more greasy foods and spicy ones that can only bring nothing but sickness.

Since the cause of rosacea is yet to be discovered, the best thing therefore to do is be careful, take good care of your health and again, avoid stress as much as possible.


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