Fish Oil And Rosacea – Is It Good Or Bad?

By | 25 May, 2015

Rosacea skin conditionRosacea is a medical condition that affects facial skin. Its main manifestations include redness of the cheeks, broken blood vessels and acne-like blemishes.

This condition can become extremely embarrassing, especially during flare-ups. The causes of the disease are still unknown. Triggers that worsen it include hot baths, alcohol, stress, strong emotions, intense exercise and spicy foods.

Since rosacea is a chronic condition, the purpose of existing treatments and therapies is to manage it and keep the outbreak periods to a minimum. One of the main things patients can do to improve their skin condition is to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle, free from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, junk foods and sugar. Dairy can also worsen rosacea, so if you notice such products aren’t good for you, remove them from your diet for two or three weeks and see if you notice an improvement.

Many rosacea sufferers wonder whether fish oil is good for them. There are several rosacea discussion forums on the internet, in which some users asked exactly this question. Most answers came up positive, so one may think fish oil is bad and they should stay away from it.

omega 3 Nonetheless, there is evidence that Omega 3 is actually good for rosacea sufferers, as it nourishes the skin and help it heal faster. Fish oil is very rich in Omega 3.

Its purpose is to deliver the body its needed daily dose of Omega 3, which has so many health benefits for the skin, as well as for the heart and for many other organs.

If you don’t feel good with your fish oil product, it is possible that the pills got rancid or you need another supplement brand. We are unique human beings, so there are things some people agree with while others develop severe outbreaks. This is why it is very important to always keep your fish oil in the temperature and humidity conditions mentioned on the label or in the enclosed leaflet.

Another issue many people are unaware of is that the excess of Omega 3 or Vitamin D3 can actually be harmful. In order to be safe, you have to make sure you respect the maximum daily recommended dose. The well-known principle, “the more, the better”, doesn’t apply when it comes to vitamins and minerals. You can easily turn a good micro-nutrient into a daunting one by taking more than needed on a consistent basis.

rosacea suffersThe biggest problem of rosacea sufferers is that remissions are never complete. Each time you suffer from an outbreak that exceeds in severity all previous ones, your condition is at risk of becoming worse.

Rosacea isn’t a life threatening condition, but it is extremely embarrassing because of cosmetic reasons. In extremely severe cases, the nose becomes much bigger than normal and its bumpy and deformed shape makes the individual look odd and even scary.

This is the main reason why you should tackle anything related to foods and nutritional supplements with the greatest possible care. Your main purpose is to manage your condition in order to stop its evolution, since changes in the appearance of your skin can become permanent. If you try fish oil for a limited period of time and you notice even a slight worsening of your condition, you should seek for medical advice before progressing any further.

Fish oilLast but not least, take everything you read in online forums with a grain of salt. If some people say they’ve been successful with such and such treatments, always make a note of their words and go ask your doctor for advice.

If you jump into following everything you read online, you might do yourself more harm than good, so be careful.

Actually there is no hard evidence that fish oil is ether good or bad for rosacea, so the best place to inform yourself on this issue is the doctor’s office. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor or with your dermatologist and ask about the benefits of taking a fish oil supplement.

It is possible that it works for you, case in which you can stick to the treatment on a long-term basis. If you notice a worsening of your bumps and broken blood vessels, interrupt the treatment immediately and contact your doctor.


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