Does Rosacea Worsen After Shower?

By | 27 October, 2014

rosaceaRosacea is a dermatological ailment characterized by redness and inflammation of the skin on the cheeks, chin and other areas of the face. Small veins at the surface of the skin become visible.

In the most severe cases, the skin on the nose thickens and the nose changes its shape, becoming bumpy and irregular. The disease appears in individuals between 30 and 50 years of age. The causes of this condition are unknown.

There is no treatment for rosacea, but there are measures one can take in order to minimize flare-ups. Such measures include dietary changes, caution in using cosmetic and skin care products and sometimes the use of anti-inflammatory medication.

Living with rosacea is a permanent care and concern regarding everything you put on your skin. Even a hot shower can worsen the condition of the skin, therefore you need to use the water at the maximum temperature allowed by your facial skin.

In the beginning, you don’t know which is this temperature, so it is possible you suffer from a post-shower exacerbation of your inflammation. However, as you get used to live with your rosacea, you are going to know exactly how to do your cleaning routine in a way that doesn’t harm your face.

Shower products are also very important. You need to choose only lotions and soaps that don’t contain alcohol and preservatives. Actually you need to try more products before finding the most suitable one. When you get an irritation, you need to make a list of the ingredients in the product and try to avoid the most harmful ones the next time you buy a shower gel. Ideally, you could try organic products, as they might be more gentle to the skin than common shower gels and creams.

rosacea skinGenerally speaking, most rosacea sufferers experience an inflammation of the ill skin after the shower, so it is not unusual. You don’t have to worry, but at the same time, you need to be very careful not to worsen your condition to the extent where your pains will become permanent.

Another thing to take into consideration is the moment after the shower, when your pores are still open and your skin very sensitive. You need to use only very soft towels to dry your face and you should avoid rubbing your skin at all costs.

If you rub your fragile skin, you are going to aggravate your rosacea lesions. Be gentle and use your favorite moisturizer after you dry your face. It is important to have your skin very well moisturized at all times. Showers aren’t moisturizing. In fact, the skin tends to get drier after a shower, therefore you need to use cosmetic products to lock in the moisture.

When you suffer from rosacea, your goal is to prevent the conditioning from getting worse. This means you must learn and apply various tips and treatments aiming to control the disease and limit the flare-ups. You need to learn what makes your rosacea flare. These triggers can be anything from various foods to a simple shower.

doctorEach body is unique and so is the rosacea condition. You need to learn to live with yours. It’s a symbiotic relationship in which your condition will leave you alone if you don’t upset it by doing forbidden things. If you see hot showers worsen your skin situation, avoid them. you can get used to lukewarm water, it is not so bad.

Anyway, it is much better than a rosacea flare with red and swollen cheeks and with pains at every smile or touch. Last but not least, always follow the treatment recommended by your doctor and you have all the chances in the world to be fine for very long periods of time.



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