Choosing Rosacea Creams Wisely

By | 11 December, 2012

Suffering from the condition called Rosacea doesn’t mean that you are going to be diagnosed with it for the rest of your life. More so, it does not mean that you have to endure with your red face forever. Controlling the redness out of the condition can be possible but only if you are using the right treatment for Rosacea. Generally, dermatologists prescribe Rosacea creams to minimize your facial redness. The cream may be antibiotic or sulfur-based, depending on how severe your symptoms are. However, you must be careful with these creams as they can predispose you to harmful effects than good especially if you are going to use them for long durations.

On the other hand, numbers of people nowadays are trying the alternative and natural rosacea treatment creams instead of using a prescribed one. There are a lot of creams available in the market that levels the effectiveness of the prescription creams. However, natural creams tend to be beneficial for users who only want gentle use on their skins. Sufferers of rosacea tend to have fragile skins therefore using a mild cream is an advantage.

Rosacea Cream Made with Green Tea

smiling pretty young womanOne of the popularly used creams to treat rosacea is the one that is made with green tea. According to recent studies, it shows efficacy in reducing redness while offering natural anti-acne and anti-aging properties. Test subjects for green tea cream yield ample improvement in their skin in just four weeks.

Things to Remember when Choosing the Best Rosacea Cream

There are few things that you need to take into account when searching for the best rosacea cream. It is essential to pick a cream that offers a soothing effect. Ingredients such as cucumber extracts, kelp extracts, chamomile and aloe vera gel can be essential to the skin. These ingredients are found to be gentle on your skin. On the other hand, it is best to avoid the creams that have toners and harsh chemicals on it. Ingredients such as fragrances, witch hazel and alcohol can be damaging to the skin and using them for a longer period of time can do more harm to your skin.

It is essential to read testimonials and reviews from previous consumers if you want to end up using the best among rosacea creams available in the market. Most of the time, these rosacea treatments offer a money back guarantee to ensure consumer satisfaction. Moreover, there are a lot of rosacea treatments that tend not to work for everyone. It can be good to consult your dermatologist before jumping on anything.


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