Can You Possibly Die From Rosacea?

By | 15 June, 2015

rosacea skinLooking in the mirror one day, you might start to notice that your face is looking a little more red than normal. If you have always had a light complexion, it is possible that you may have a rash, or even worse, you may have rosacea.

This skin disorder has been diagnosed on millions of people, yet there is no exact treatment that works for everyone. Your doctor or dermatologist will be able to determine if this is what you have, and then subsequently prescribe some type of treatment.

A concern that some people have, although it might seem outlandish, is if you could possibly die from rosacea? Here is the evidence on whether or not rosacea could actually lead to a person’s death.

What Causes Rosacea On Your Skin?

As with many skin disorders that people develop, it is usually some type of imbalance caused in the skin. Take for example acne, which is the result of too much sebum mixing with dead skin cells, leading to blockages that cause pimples that appear. Another skin condition called eczema will cause patches of your skin to become inflamed, developing blisters that will actually itch and bleed.

It is not actually known how this begins, and there is no cure, just ways to try to manage its unsightly appearance. Rosacea also has no known cure, although your dermatologist will be able to prescribe some remedies that might help it from manifesting. There are some good theories on how it starts, and treatment options that work for some people, a few of which we will now present.

What You Should Know About Rosacea

The first thing that you should know about this skin condition is that it usually starts in a very uneventful way. It will simply look little red, perhaps on your cheeks, and maybe a little on your four head. But one day you might be outside in the sun, or heading down the ski slopes in the cold wind, and a full outbreak of rosacea will occur.

spicy foodIt is at this point in time that you will realize that this skin condition is real, and that you will need to find a treatment fast. Rosacea can be caused by a variety of different factors including stress.

Drinking too much soda, eating spicy foods, or simply getting angry. That’s why the experts have identified three specific possibilities as to the cause of this skin condition.

What Causes Rosacea To Occur?

The first possibility is that it is caused by bacteria just beneath the skin, causing inflammation. A dermatologist will recommend an antibiotic like doxycycline or tetracycline which can sometimes cause the redness to dissipate or go away. The second possibility is that demodex mites are living just beneath your skin, and when they grow in number, their feces will cause a bacterial infection, in which case antibiotics would also be the treatment.

The third possibility is that inflammation is to blame which is related to the appearance of small capillaries red below the upper layer of your skin. This is what causes the redness to occur, and therefore by eliminating the capillaries using lasers which can damage the outside of these small veins, it can prevent it from occurring ever again.

Unfortunately, these remedies seldomly ever provide a permanent solution, causing people to return time and again to their dermatologist for yet another potential remedy. But worse than that, instead of dealing with this the rest of your life, is it possible that it could die.

Can Rosacea Kill You?

RosaceaAccording to the experts, there is no possible way that rosacea could actually lead to your death. The only thing that is going to die if you take your antibiotics are the demodex folliculorum in your skin.

Additionally, you can effectively kill off the functionality of the capillaries beneath your skin using the affirmations laser treatments. Fortunately, however, it is not possible for you to die from rosacea.

This skin condition can do many things. It can cause people to become very self-conscious about the way they look, especially during a severe outbreak. There are ways to control this that we have already mentioned including changing your lifestyle, your diet, and also taking antibiotics.

It is a condition that can get worse over time, causing the development of papules and pustules on your face, sometimes affecting your eyelids and eyes. These are all somewhat treatable, depending upon how severe your condition is, and your genetics, when using the treatments that are available. In most cases, the lasers will serve their purpose by preventing the capillaries from turning bright red by causing them to collapse.

Likewise, after taking your antibiotics, if it is being triggered by a bacterial infection, you will be able to survive this as well. Rosacea cannot kill you, but it can make your life difficult, causing you to get depressed. However, it is not a skin condition that is worth killing yourself over, especially if you are able to consult with a skilled dermatologist that can help you keep it under control.


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