Can Rosacea be Cured with Retinol?

By | 5 January, 2015

RosaceaRosacea is a skin condition that affects the facial skin. It is often characterized by sudden flareups and remissions. This condition begins after the age of 30 years as a redness on the face, cheeks, forehead, nose or chin.

There are some cases where the condition is prevalent on the chest, scalp, ears and neck. There would be visible blood vessels appearing on the skin of these areas.

If left untreated, the nose can become swollen and bumpy with excess tissue. This condition is called rhinophyma. This is why rosacea should be treated early on before it reaches this condition. This article will highlight the importance of treating rosacea with retinol cream.

There are many important symptoms that could be used to diagnose the condition of rosacea. Flushing is one main symptom here. People suffering from this condition would have a history of frequent flushing and blushing. Persistent redness is one of the main symptoms of rosacea.

RosaceaIt would resemble a sunburn which would not fade away. Visible blood vessels are also quite common during the rosacea condition. Puss filled pimples and bumps are the other major symptom of rosacea.

There are 4 sub types of rosacea. Sub type-1 is characterized by persistent redness, and may include visible blood vessels. Sub type-2 of the condition is characterized by persistent redness with bumps and pimples.

Sub type-3 is characterized by skin thickening with the nose being enlarged from excess tissue. The 4th sub type is characterized by ocular manifestations such as dry eyes, burning and tearing of the eyes. Swollen eyelids, potential vision loss resulting from corneal damage and recurrent styes are also a part of sub type-4.

There are some patients who manifest symptoms of more than one sub type during a certain period of time. Rosacea may or may not evolve from one sub type to the other. The symptoms can progress from mild, moderate to severe depending on the condition of the patient. This is why early diagnosis of the condition is extreme important to relieve the symptoms of the condition.

rosaceaThere are many ways to keep rosacea under control. Rosacea is not 100% curable at the moment. But there are treatments to control the symptoms of rosacea and prevent it from worsening.

There are some triggers of rosacea which could be avoided with some effort on your part. There are skin creams, laser treatment and medications to prevent the condition from worsening.

The treatment for rosacea will depend on the type of rosacea a person is having. If you are having a serious type of rosacea which is not answering to creams and ointments, your doctor may suggest antibiotic pills.

Ocular rosacea is one type that is being treated with antibiotic pills. Minocycline (Dynacin), doxycycline (Vibramycin), erythromycin (ERYC) and metronidazole (Flagyl) are some of the most popular antibiotic pills used in this regard.

Like all other drug classes, antibiotic pills also can cause unwanted side effects if taken for a long period of time at a stretch. Some patients are administered antibiotic pills for a period of 6 months at a stretch depending on their condition. Isotretinoin is another drug that is being used to relieve the symptoms of rosacea. But this drug is quite strong. It is less used most of the time because of its serious side effects.

 skincare creamRetinol is an effective skincare cream which is widely used to treat rosacea. Certain chemicals can inflame the skin and cause more damage in the process. This is why most dermatologists recommend retinol as a treatment for rosacea.

Retinol is a name given to cream which includes vitamin A as a main ingredient. It will help your skin on several fronts. It is an antioxidant which is cell communicating.

The skin cells have a receptor site that is conducive for retinoic acid which is considered a component of retinol. This communication between the skin cells and retinoic acid will direct the cells to function normally. This is quite a different condition as to how a damaged or old skin cell would function.

Retinol cannot communicate with the skin cells unless it is broken down into retinoic acid. There are new retinol creams available on the market which has been proven to give highly effective results in curing rosacea symptoms for good. Retinol should be kept away from sunlight for optimal functioning and effectiveness. This is why you need to store it in a cool and dry place for the best results in your condition.

There are many creampositive reviews about retinol cream’s effectiveness in curing rosacea symptoms for good. Many patients have spoken high of this cream in reducing their symptoms within the shortest possible time.

The aforementioned information will highlight the importance of using retinol cream to cure rosacea symptoms for good.


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