Currently Looking For The Best Rosacea Doctor In Toronto, And I Am So Confused

By | 27 September, 2013

best rosacea doctor in toronto

It has been a long, hard road trying to find the best rosacea doctor in toronto. All of my life I have been cursed with rosacea. And when I say cursed, I mean really cursed! My entire body is covered in this awful affliction, making it almost impossible for me to go out in another but pants and a sweater. Sometimes it even gets on my face and I feel like a total monsters.

Over the years it has done a complete number on my self-esteem. I can’t even go out in public anymore, do to worrying that people will make fun of me. Only a best doctor can help me out of this problem,therefore i begin my search for the best rosacea doctor in Toronto.

Search for the Best Rosacea Doctor In Toronto

I have been to a million doctors all across the country, it seems like. I have even gone to America in search of a good dermatologist who may be able to help me. Sadly, none of them knew what to do, aside from suggest the common stuff I already knew about.

I’ve tried the creams. I’ve tried the pills. I’ve even tried to stupid rolling massage things that are supposed to ‘inspire’ your skin into look like it’s supposed to. None of it works.I’m just a giant squid looking for the best rosacea doctor in Toronto.

It was really bad when I was a kid. Back then, not only did kids constantly make fun of me, but teachers sometimes thought I was being abused at home. They would call my parents in for a discussion about my condition. After a while the school came to learn (thanks to doctor’s notes) about what I had, but every time we got a new teacher it started all over again.

The other teachers would have to explain that I wasn’t being abused but that I was born with rosacea. Sometimes they still didn’t believe me, and looked at my parents with clear disdain.That was the initial stage when i really need a best rosacea doctor in Toronto.

Also, when you have rosacea which requires a best rosacea doctor in Toronto to be cure, it really messes up with your personal life. Sure I had friends at school, but few kids actually wanted to hang out with me too often. I was rarely invited to birthday parties because parents were afraid that what I had was contagious.

I remember one year in the third grade this one girl’s mom tried to get me sent home because she just knew that my condition was contagious, and that her precious little amulet would catch it. Yeah right. Don’t flatter yourself lady. She was so mean and nasty about me that I went home crying more than once.

Her daughter was a nice girl who often played with me, but her mother was a different kind of trip.

So, as you can see, growing up with rosacea was a really hard thing to do and it is impossible to cure it without finding the best rosacea doctor in Toronto.

I mean, I was used to my condition, and didn’t even really mind how it looked, but other people had a big problem with it. Even those used to it. Like at school and at church. And it was like they had some big deal about making me feel wanted or something.

People would talk to me just for the sake of talking to me, not because they actually wanted to.I was completely humiliated from inside and continued my search for a best rosacea doctor in Toronto.

It was like they thought they had to, or it would make them look bad. (Because that’s what really matters, right? How they are perceived.) I mean, I am not a pity party. I do not deserve your pity just because I have rosacea. Who treats a child like that? Then again, I noticed they did the same thing to my classmate who was in a wheelchair.

It was pretty brutal, and I don’t even think they realized they were doing this to us.

My Quest to Find the best rosacea doctor in Toronto

In my quest to find the best rosacea doctor in Toronto,I have also come across some skin doctor who just should not be practicing what they do. I had a nice small town doctor growing up, who tried her best to make me comfortable, but there was little she could do way out where we lived.

Instead I had to go to specialists in the city, and all of them kinda said the same thing over and over again. There wasn’t much they could do, but they would sure try!

But then there was the one best rosacea doctor in Toronto who tried to make me feel like it was all my fault I was being afflicted by this skin condition. He said that I needed to stop letting it ‘control my life,’ whatever the heck that means. What does that mean? I am still trying to figure that out. I don’t ‘let’ anything control my life except me. This is such bull.

best rosacea doctor in TorontoDermatologist said I was letting it make me sad when people bullied me about it, and that I was some special burnt snowflake that should be happy about the attention it brought me! Can you believe it? Happy that I have rosacea! I don’t think he understands what that really means.

More like happy that people make fun of me? Bully me? Push me around? Needless to say, we never went back to that doctor.

So now I am mostly an adult, and I am still dealing with this affliction. I most certainly do not let it control my life, but part of controlling my own life is finding ways to control my outbreaks and how much of it is shown to the world. I do not begrudge my rosacea, but I’m not particularly proud of it either! Screw that. I don’t owe it anything.

I would be very happy to see it go away forever, but I know that won’t happen soon.  Not until I find the best rosacea doctor in Toronto.Of course, I will probably have to go out of my way to make that happen. I may even have to look outside of Canada again.But i will prefer the best rosacea doctor in Toronto only.

That’s a long ways off, but it gives me something to look forward to. No matter what, I will always have that calling to me as I get older and control more of my life.


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