Beating The Blush: Is Rosacea A Bacterial Infection?

By | 4 June, 2014

rosacea skinRosacea, a chronic condition of the skin, mostly affects the face. There are also some cases where it is visible on the nose, cheeks, and even to the scalp, neck and chest.

The cause of this disorder is still unknown and there is still no cure for it. Remedies are in place only to treat its symptoms. Its common symptoms are flushing and blushing.

In severe cases of rosacea, redness becomes prominent due to visible blood vessels. If not treated, it may become life threatening to people in their 50’s that are affected with this condition. Some health experts say that too much exposure to sunlight causes it. In addition, many people ask, “Is rosacea a bacterial infection?” Whether it is or it is not, we will find out more about a condition that is often mistaken as acne.

All About Rosacea: Prevalence, Signs And Treatment Of Symptoms

Rosacea is a common disorder that affects the skin. This affects three percent of adults from 30 to 50 years old. It is more common to women with very sensitive skin and weak immune systems. Although it affects one in every 20 Americans, more than 50 percent of them do not know what it is. In addition, these patients also do not know how to treat it.

rocasea redness This is the reason why this disorder has led to morbidity, especially to those who are suffering from its severe stages.

Most studies suggest that it is common to people who are fairer; yet, there are also theories claiming unhealthy lifestyle may have caused it.

The question “Is Rosacea a Bacterial Infection?” also triggered several health experts to do further studies. During its initial stages, people with rosacea report itching and facial redness.

Others may also suffer from dryness, redness and swelling of the face. On the other hand, there are people who develop acne; some tend to have a swollen nose. This means that the signs of this disorder differ from person to person.

This is the reason why treatments may work for the other and not for some. People who suffer from these signs should speak with their doctor right away. It is better to have a prompt remedy to avoid further complications. In addition, this disorder is chronic; yet, speedy management will make people steer clear from unwanted outcomes.

Is Rosacea A Bacterial Infection?

doctorIn severe cases of rosacea, swelling of the entire face, including the nose is evident. This is the reason why doctors advise the use of drugs like antibiotics.

Most studies suggest taking of antibiotics can work to reduce inflammation, rather than to fight off bacteria. On the contrary, there are also studies saying that rosacea is a bacterial infection.

Bad bacteria weaken the immune system. The build-up of these bacteria hinders proper blood flow. This causes swelling. In addition, since bacteria obstruct the skin’s pores, the body will find it hard to release dirt and other toxins. As the skin becomes irritated, sore and redness start to occur. This leads to the occurrence of rosacea.

Rosacea Management Tools

Rosacea skin The presence of bacteria on the skin triggers rosacea. This is the reason why aside from prescribed drugs, personal hygiene is also vital. During its early stages, make sure to clean the face and other affected parts of the body regularly.

Pimples and acne are also associated with this disorder; so, it is ideal to use pimple-fighting products. Furthermore, people with this disorder who are suffering from excessive dryness can use moisturizers.

They should also practice proper shampooing and bathing, since this may extend to the scalp. Poor lifestyle and habits may also be the cause of this skin disorder; this is according to some studies.

Therefore, lifestyle change is vital. It is always required to make sure that the body has all essential nutrients needed for its development. Moreover, since this chronic skin disorder is common to people with weak immune system, people need to stay fit and healthy. This is through getting enough sleep. Maintaining a balanced diet is also necessary.

Rosacea And Bacterial Infections

A certain study concluded that a gastric helicobacter pylori infection might cause this disorder. Patients with problems in their stomach are the ones who usually have this type of bacteria. This study claimed that getting rid of the bacteria leads to the development of the symptoms of this disorder. However, medical experts need to conduct further studies to create a reasonable link between bacterial infection and the incidence of this skin disorder.

The cause of this disorder is still unknown; so there are few answers to the question, “Is rosacea caused by a bacterial infection?” Nevertheless, several products are in the market made to treat its symptoms. This disorder affects how a person looks, as well as their overall health. In fact, this is even fatal. Therefore, proper management is vital.


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