Avene: A Treatment For Rosacea

By | 7 February, 2014

rosacea skin sensitiveIf you’re fair skinned and have a reddish skin condition, you are likely one of the millions who suffer from the medical condition of rosacea. Your doctor can best diagnose the medical condition and advice you how to safely treat it.

There are a variety of treatment options available on the market today including prescription medications as well as over the counter medications.

A Typical Rosacea Outbreak

You may find that you flush and have a warm sensation over your neck and face when you’re in a stressful situation. Your doctor called it rosacea and you are concerned about the long term effects of this condition.

You may break out with pimple like outbreaks or bumps on your face. It’s very similar to teenage acne but has a variety of other symptoms and while it can be managed, it isn’t curable.

What Triggers Rosacea?

During times of stress, weather changes, certain foods, caffeine, hot drinks, allergic reactions and more can all affect your skin. Worse, you tend to break out even more during certain times of the year and when you’re looking forward to special events.

Rosacea can be very complex and what triggers one outbreak may not affect you at all during the next outbreak. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme nor reason for the outbreaks.


rosacea skinIt’s important to know that left unchecked, the symptoms of rosacea can worsen over time.

As the redness and flushing occur more and more frequently, it may well become permanent leading to burst blood vessels and more stinging and burning.

Bumps and pimples may form if you don’t use some sort of medication. Doctors have many medications that they can prescribe or they may recommend an over the counter product such as Avene.


Avene is one of the many medications that doctors recommend for treating the redness and irritations of rosacea.

Always remember however, that before you begin any treatment, even if it is the best over the counter treatment, you should check first with your doctor or your dermatologist to make sure that you’re particular symptoms will respond to the medications you’re electing to use.

Doctors and dermatologists are trained in what will and won’t work for their patients. Be sure to follow their instructions for the best possible results of your medical condition.

What Avene Does

Avene addresses the issues of redness, irritation, heat flushes, and reduces swelling. Avene can reduce the frequency of symptoms and reduce the redness and swelling. It can also help to prevent the bumps and pimples that frequently accompany rosacea.

Ingredients in Avene

14All Avene products are made and tested under strict quality control guidelines. The Pierre Fabre Group has set these guidelines to be compliant with European Legislation.

They are tested by dermatologists to ensure excellent results especially for those who suffer from hypersensitive or atopic skin conditions.

Everything in the products is clearly listed on the label of each and every product. Strict internal pharmaceutical safety standards and quality standards are met for each and every product as well.

Can Avene Be Used During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

In general, all of their products can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, it is recommended, as a precautionary measure, to avoid the following products due to specific ingredients:

The Following Cleanance Products:


This is due to the concentration of the salicylic acid in these products.

The Ystheal Eye Contour Cream, Ystheal Emulsion and Eluage Creams all contain Retinaldehyde which is an anti aging compound that is derived from Vitamin A and it is cautioned that Vitamin A supplementation should always be avoided during pregnancy.

How To Determine The Correct Product To Use

woman washing her faceIf you answer the questions on the Skin Diagnosis questionnaire, you’ll be directed to the proper and correct skin care regimen to use for your skin condition.

They will actually tailor a skin care routine and regimen for you to follow on a daily basis. You can then follow this regiment and control your condition.

Can Avene Be Used On Babies and Children?

The Avene Cold Cream and Avene Thermal Water Spray can both be used safely on babies and children. It is highly recommended that children under 3 not be exposed to the sun and its damaging rays.

It is also suggested that Protection Mineral Cream SPF50 is used until children reach 3 years of age and for children three and over it is recommended that the Very High Protection Spray SPF50+ be used.

What Should You Do If You Have An Allergic Reaction to Avene

If for any reason you believe you’re having an allergic reaction to Avene, stop using the product immediately. Download the questionnaire on their website and fill it out. Return the product to the company and take a list of the product ingredients with you to your doctor so that he or she can assess whether or not Avene is the culprit of your allergic reaction.

Where Can One Find Avene Products?

Avene products are available in a variety of places. Please visit their website to locate the store nearest to you and get started on your new regimen today.




All Avene Packaging is recyclable and can be readily recycled at your recycling stations.

Avene is a safe skin care product that is frequently recommended by many doctors and dermatologists for the treatment of Rosacea and its accompanying symptoms.


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