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Top Rosacea Triggers: Surprising Things Patients Must Avoid

Millions of people suffer from varying types of skin problems. Aside from causing pain or itchiness, they might cause social problems for most people. These skin problems are not always pleasant to look at, and worse yet, they may be hard to conceal, which is why it can affect people’s self-esteem. One of the most… Read More »

What Is Rosacea And What Are The Treatments For It?

Rosacea is a skin condition that is very common. It is characterized by redness on the skin that often resembles acne. The small bloood vessels dilate. Sometimes there are small red bumps or cysts that have pus. People who have roscea often think that it is something else, like sensitivity to the sun. This condition… Read More »

Rosecea, The Triggers and Solutions For Treatment

A quick blush of the cheek is considered attractive in most cultures today, in fact many women apply makeup on the cheeks to impart a certain redness, however there is another affliction where the redness is not applied, and persists long after any kind of embarrassment, called rosacea. This fairly common skin problem can vary… Read More »